Be a Star! | Looking for Star Contributors

Hi, Anker fans!

You may have noticed our community growing by leaps and bounds this year. From adding a plethora of new members, to expanding our content to cover all of Anker Innovations’ key brands, there’s a lot to celebrate.

As we get bigger, we will need to add to our team of key members. That’s where you come in. Introducing the Star Contributor program. Our Star Contributors will be highly active forum members responsible for providing us with fresh new content each week in exchange for exclusive rewards. From product reviews, to tech news and blogging, our Star Contributors will guide and shape the discussion on our community.

What Will Star Contributors Do?

Star Contributors will make 2-3 posts (new topic threads) per week, of at least 200 words each. These can be:

  • Product reviews
  • Product recommendations
  • Product comparisons
  • Tech news links and commentary
  • Blogging about your tech/mobile lifestyle
  • Sharing hot deals or events
  • Anything else you can come up with, as long as it’s fresh :sunglasses:, original :point_up:, and relevant! :grin:

Needless to say, each post should contribute value to the community, and be in alignment with our rules.

What Do Star Contributors Get?

As thanks for their efforts, our Star Contributors will gain access to some stellar rewards, including:

  • 50% off three products of their choice every year (priced under $200 each)
  • Two free top releases per year (like Nebula Mars)
  • An annual “Friends of Anker” gift box, filled with cool surprises
  • Seasonal gifts from our corporate culture team—just like our teams in the Anker offices receive
  • Experience points and PowerBucks for creating the hottest threads and generating buzz

How Can I Join?

We’re currently looking for three Star Contributors, each of whom will specialize in certain brands within our portfolio. To apply, all your have to do is leave a comment below telling us why you’d be an excellent candidate. Feel free to nominate other deserving members, too!

We will select our Star Contributors based on your application post, record of community activity, your likes, and endorsements from your peers. Applications close on April 22nd, so make sure you get yours in before time is up! We are accepting applicants from any country for this program.

We’re so excited to find and welcome our new Star Contributors. Now let’s turn our attention to the comments to see who has what it takes to become a Star! :dizzy:


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I think I’d be a great contributor to aukey, and products! lol

10 years ago or so, I’d have really gone for this. I used to get several tech blog site emails, a day. I knew asuch about phones as the manufacturer knew!

Good luck n well done to those chosen, I think I know a couple who’d be good, but … 1 they may not want to commit themselves, and 2 what I think is good, ain’t necessarily, good!.


I nominate @joshuad11


Good luck to those entering :thumbsup:


I think I’d make a halfway decent Star Contributor, but I’m only 1 cup coffee in to my day at this point, so hopefully this makes sense. Living in Southern California, I try to get out and about often, and I enjoy taking pictures around town. With my comfort level and knowledge of the tech out there, I think I can make things relatable to most users who are new to Anker. Hope that makes sense–I’m getting another cup of coffee now.


What better way to celebrate my birthday than being elected for Star Contributor. Like many, I have taking on a conquest to growing alongside with Anker. Celebrating the success and milestone as a member on this forum. I joined the community roughly 2 months ago and have slowly gained presence through the creation of new thread, introducing new ideas, assisting with FAQ’s and winning some of the recent contests (Valentines Cough!). As much as i want to recognize some of the frequent contributors on this forum, how about giving a chance to the new guy?


I also want to give a shout-out here to @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell, who do a great job keeping our community clean and friendly!

They will be receiving the Star Contributor benefits automatically, as thanks for their awesome support.


Wow that is awesome, I certainly wasn’t expecting that @AnkerOfficial but many thanks, feel truly honoured & grateful…(I was just about to nominate @TechnicallyWell as his YouTube reviews are first rate and highly professional).

I’d like to throw two names into the pot who would give both insightful knowledge on reviews and are always actively assisting others with information

@joshuad11 and @nigelhealy


I don’t think that I’d really qualify for this position (as I am a new member in the forum), but I’d be shooting myself in the foot for not even attempting to reach out and say something. I feel that I would be a decidedly useful candidate as I can act as an effective liaison between non-techy and techy people, and even prior to joining the forum I’ve been buying and promoting Anker products (had the first astro portable battery). I was even able to convince my wife to stop buying cheap cables and “splurge” to buy quality brands.

If there was an area to specifically specialize in then I’d like to promote the Eufy brand or any smarthome products. We have two echo dots, a full on Echo, an Invoke “Cortana” speaker, as well as 30 LIFX bulbs throughout the house, ecobee 3s, Rachio smart irrigation control, and August locks (looking for smart security next). I feel that whenever I apply smart home products throughout the house I take care to read all accompanying reviews and make the most educated decision. I feel like the experience I have in selecting products can act as an apt comparison to existing industry leaders and really promote value between those areas and see how an up-in-coming product truly compares to the existing giants.

I may be lacking in full on technical know-how, but I feel like I can make simple enough reviews that everyone could enjoy and I can hopefully “knock-on-wood” get the perspective of my wife and see if she agrees with any of my assessments (as at times we can be at odds on certain products, such as the Nebia Shower System we have). Also, we have a dog and two cats who may occasional show up and who doesn’t love pets.

(Fingers crossed and good luck to all)

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I’d like to give this a shot as I am not afraid to spend money on new gadgets and 50% off is an added bonus! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve been involved in many beta tests and product reviews. My reviews contain features, pros, cons and suggestions for improvements. Although I haven’t posted much lately, I have been lurking and responding to posts when I feel that I could contribute to the post; self moderation? LOL :grin: If selected, I would definitely be very active in the community.

You can also check out my activities on the Nonda forum (email me for specifics if you’re curious).

Most of my Anker product reviews are on Amazon :slight_smile:


Can I have the perks, but no commitment lol

:star2: S​:star2:T​:star2:A​:star2:R​:star2:S​:star2: feel free to pass on any items you don’t/won’t want! Hehehehehe


as much as I’d love to genuinely join this, and god knows I got the time, as I don’t work (wish I did but can’t) but I know…
I’d never say things the way you may want things worded
I admit, I can whine/winge/complain whatever word you wish to use, so.e of it personality n some cos the wayy mind works (or.doesnt!).

Despite the.lil joke above, it’s not just freebies, it would occupy me and my mind. I like tech, all tech. I may not be able to fancy videos, I can do decent photos (when I lput my mind to it, plus I do have a qualification in Photography (believe it or not)).

I know I won’t get asked, and I’m not.gonna go on one about it, I’m.mot expecting to… I’d like to and I’d like to think I’d bring a normalness to things, but definitely an unorthodox approach!


A star? An old man as I am doesn’t need to BECOME a star. He is already one. Ask my wife, she will confirm this. Those old stars are pretty rare.
But as I am a lazy star you will have the pleasure to see me taking part of this program.


I would like to throw my hat in for this, I would like to think I have become active enough to warrant such entitlement. I help others where I can and also post my reviews here. I am also an active beta tester for many different companies and can point to my status with them if need be, most notably Newegg being the top one recently.

I can continue to post and be of help wherever I can whether chosen or not, I do not plan on changing this as I love this community and all that it is about.

If I cannot be selected, I would like to nominate @joshuad11 and @nigelhealy both of whom have exemplified what it means to be active and helpful without regard to the topic. Always positive and always helpful.


I’m truly honored… thank you, @AnkerOfficial ! :blush:
I was about to nominate @ndalby as well! There are so many great people here! I would second the nominations for @nigelhealy and @joshuad11 as they’re always willing to help and are Anker-encyclopedias!


I would like to apply but I need to know, how long must I have to write 2-3 posts a week for? a month? a year? because in the summer sometimes, I simply will be to busy to write, or I wont have internet. Also I would like to nominate @ndalby He is always there to answer questions and help out.

This is a great idea @AnkerOfficial. I definitely nominate @joshuad11, as he is always on top of the Anker news, always provide top notch reviews, and gives us wealths of information. And I also nominate @nigelhealy, for he is always so helpful and also provides great information to us clueless peeps. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Nominations are very dangerous.
If I get some from Mr. Z. or Mr. T. it would be more than suspect.:grin:
It would be easy for me to get a nomination from Mr. P. or Mr. K. but this will be not accepted at all, I suppose.:rofl:

I definitely nominate @joshuad11 and @nigelhealy. They’ve both entertained and informed me though their various posts. Give those lads some recognition! ^-^