BBC program about made in China

For those in UK or know how

Not about Anker but is in the same part of the world and helps explain about the workforce in China


I’m interested. I think I’ll make time during my lunch break to watch this.

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Cheers @nigelhealy I will give this a watch later.

Cheers for the post @nigelhealy always find these interesting. Will give this a watch later today :nerd:

Not about Anker but designed and made in China, interview with OnePlus.

Sounds interesting. When I’m back at home I will watch it.
Thank you for posting

It is interesting as I watch BBC News often and it has been news this last week that UK has not been growing its workforce productivity, which is due to many complex reasons, but China has been improving and I’m sure there are lessons UK could learn from China.

I enjoyed it. Used to watch click every weekend. Can’t remember why I stopped.

It’s mad to think, that one line can knock out 90 phones an hour. Fair play. I could never concentrate that long without wanting to look at my own phone :grin: