Battle of the Earbuds [Article]

Hey Anker Fans,

When it comes to picking truly wireless earbuds, there are so many choices on the market! If you’ve narrowed your shortlist down to AirPods or Liberty Air, Bill Henderson from SlickDeals has done us a solid by breaking down the differences between the two.

What’s your preference and why? We wanna know in the comments below!



Liberty air is good but Airpods are the best so far. Not having sound isolation is one of the biggest advantage that Airpods offer. Try making a call or conversation with someone without taking out one of the Liberty air buds from your ears and you will see what I mean.
Sound quality of Airpods is amazingly stellar. Liberty air is good but difference is there. For the price we can’t really complain.
Finally the best of Airpods feature is its ability to use either buds independently. Liberty Air fails in this area.


I sadly don’t own either… if only someone would give me some… (Hint Hint)

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Fingers crossed, @AnkerOfficial may have some testing event or include these in Power Draw sometime in the future :wink:

This is useful information @AnkerOfficial


Certainly drawn to the Liberty Air over the AirPods (both for fit and price) and would have jumped on the recent U.K. deal/offer but bills have won out this month :frowning2:

…hopefully they will hit a similar price in the future…or a we love testing event :wink:


500 Powerbucks for the Liberty Airs :joy:

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I’ll go 1000 :wink:


I own the Apple Airpods and love them. I wouldn’t mind trying out the Liberty Air for comparison. But the biggest negative with the Liberty Air that I see, without even trying them, is the fact that you can’t just use one ear bud. I always only wear the left ear bud of my Airpods when I’m out walking because I want to be able to hear my surroundings. I do like that the Liberty Air is black though.


Another type of earbud that I just don’t like. I don’t care for the whole earing looking style. looks weird seeing people walk around with those on. I heard even the AirPods sound about as good as the wired ones you get for free.

This is one of the reasons I love my Apple AirPods as well. I need to be able to hear my surroundings both at the office and when I’m out walking.

I haven’t used the Liberty Air but I imagine they’re great for situations where you need to drown out your surroundings (like on an airplane or a train).

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I told ya you can always wear the right liberty air in your left ear, you just have to turn it up instead of down

That is absolutely correct. I can imagine that in plane or train, Airpods will not be the best choice if you just want to drown out the outside noise. liberty air definitely has advantage in those situations.

Now THESE I would use!

Agree in all except sound quality. I think passive noise cancelling is the strongest point here versus the Airpods, Liber Air sound quality are far better, especially the bass. Everything else I agree with you. I have owned both.

That would be too awkward for me. Knowing me, I’d probably accidentally knock it off and lose it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, spazy spaz

Samsung have their own earbuds, but what’s more important… It’s USBC charging.

Although only 13 hrs from buds n case, with USBC charging, it doesn’t take long to recharge the base/case.

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You got yours already? I’m getting mine tomorrow :+1:

Mine are on the way… I was just reading the manual, when I saw it’s USBC charging.

@Tank that was a great tip you provided a few months back.
I have 2 Liberty air’s, one is with me all the time but the other one, I have unpaired both earbuds from each other and use them independently (one at a time) with my mac while watching tv so that I don’t miss talking to my wifey.
I feel that it fits better when left bud is inserted upside down in right ear.

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