Battery replacement for bluetooth speaker

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I purchased an Anker bluetooth speaker in 2015 and now, it won’t charge completely. The speaker will work for a few minutes after charging for hours. I am looking to see if I can change the rechargeable battery, what type to use and how do I access the battery (ies).

The model I have is Premium Bluetooth Speaker (

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Hi @topjobs , taking into account the uncertain hassle of stripping down the speaker and then the added cost of the batteries I would go with purchasing a new speaker, either the same model if it has served you well or one of the update speakers that have recently been released. The speakers often appear in stages with a discount and you will have the benefit of 18 months warranty again.

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Hi ndalby,

Thank you for your reply.

Well I thought of that of course, but I would prefer not trowing away so much hardware.

I would like to just find the way to open the speaker, but so far I can’t find anything. Do you know where I could find the instructions to open this speaker?

Thank you again.

you can change pin to your music. Please follow video :enter link description here

Take off the battery with a knife, great video… :thinking:

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I know this thread is old, but why would you refer someone to take apart a speaker yet alone a battery with a knife?

If your gonna change the batteries do it proper with the use of a soldering iron. And use the right kind of batteries not some off the shelf low quality China knockoff

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VIDEO for you.

Thanks for the video. I found a supplier for the battery and successfully made the swap. Unfortunately though, the replacement battery lasted about 10-months, and now I’m getting the “blinking amber flash of death” again. Seriously bummed…

I hate like heck to just trash the speaker because despite the battery, the unit really has great sound quality. I know these are built with mobility in mind, but I sure with there was a way to bypass the battery with a direct connect 120v power source.

You could remove the batteries and connect/install a power jack in it’s place. Then run it with a little power supply.
The battery is providing up to 8 volts. I suspect that the amp can handle more, up to maybe 12v. I would look for a heavy 9V power supply (wall wart) in my junk drawer.
Check the label on the supply. Maybe 1 amp will be enough power. I don’t think that 500 ma (1/2 amp) would be. If you are going to throw this away anyway, then consider that 12V power supplies are more typical and could be tested. Probably the higher the voltage and amps the more powerful, so be careful not to blow the speakers out if you do.

Utter rubbish.

Dangerous. Chances are the internal are operating at much less than 12V and connect a trial and error any voltage is rank stupidity. Correct that the internal may be 9V but most here would not know where to look.

Ignore this.

Note that the installed battery pack contains two wrapped 18650 mounted side by side in reverse polarity relative to each other. You can reuse the wrapping if you cut it carefully. One one end is the battery charing board and on the other is a thin metal trace than connects the negative and positive terminals and returns to the charging board. Be mindful of polarity.

The metal connectors are spot welded on to the batteries. You can reuse the metal connectors if you remove them from the batteries carefully. I used solder with a healthy amount of flux to tin all battery ends and the metal connecters. You could just as easily use wire. The batteries will need a little convincing to take up the solder but the metal connectors (or wires) are happy to tin up. Once everything is soldered together, use the adhesive on the battery charger oval board to stick it back in place. Place the bottom oval insulator over the bottom of the batteries. Rewrap the pair with the original wrapping and close it up with some caption tape or scotch tape if that’s all you have. It’s going to be a tight fit getting it back inside the enclosure. I suggest that you plug that new battery pack into the motherboard to test charging and make sure you get a red LED before you stuff it back into the enclosure.

Here are the exact replacements for the SoundCore2.

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battery replacement in english, YouTube: . this one shows you how to take off the covers to find the battery, but does not show you how to take out the battery (important!). Here is the eBay site for the correct battery with the correct plug for the Anker A3143 speaker: