Battery problem Soundcore Boost

hello, I’m having battery problems with my Soundcore Boost, which suddenly turns off despite still having half battery left (I see it from the fact that there are still two LEDs on). after that, the speaker no longer turns on as if it was actually discharged, until I put it back to charge. At this point, the speaker charges the first two LEDs very quickly in a few minutes and then proceeds to full charge in about an hour. is there a way to recalibrate the battery or does it no longer work properly?

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Have you tried a reset of the speaker?
But that seems really a battery problem.
You should contact the support.

Did you try a different cable and a different charger?

It may not be getting to full charge if cable is bad so wakes up seeing a voltage but not actually charge.

If you tried cable and charger then it’s a support issue, they’ll tell you to try a different cable and charger so trying it first you’ll save a day or so in email exchange.

To accelerate support resolution include order details, serial number so they can verify it is under warranty.

Hey @Piercosimo_Gazzara
Shame you’re having problems, I love my Boost.
How old is it and does it get regular use?
Does the Boost currently show full after charging?