Battery pack making my phone really hot

While camping in the boonies I needed to charge my cell phone but also needed to use it at the same time (poor time management) to take photos, etc. While doing so I experienced phone temperatures like never before and it even caused my phone to power down twice. I may be able to contribute some of the problem to my phone being 4 years old and maybe the battery is getting weak but I have not experienced the same issues while plugged into a standard 2.4 amp wall outlet with same phone battery remaining level in both situations.
I have tried to replicate it with the wall charger this past week and it doesn’t get over 100F

I have no idea what temp it hit but it was quite warm in my hands, probably around +120F or +50C
My phone only charges at approx 900 mAh and tests with the battery pack showed similar charge rates.

FYI, this is not an Anker battery pack but a 10000 mAh pack with similar specs.
Has anyone had this type of issue while charging with an external battery or is this normal?

I’ve had issues with the battery bank getting hot when it’s charging, but never my phone get hot when charging.

A bet Anker’s don’t do that!


Usually due to a bad app, getting into a loop of consuming resources, so a reboot, clear cache, and wait for an app update, usually does the trick.

If I am entering an off-grid period, I cancel auto-update if my phone is working fine, and wait til on-grid to allow updates, so to reduce chance of battery drain when I’m more dependent on battery.

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That makes sense. I was in airplane mode at the time but found es file explorer app had recently updated and was consuming lots of battery so I removed it and that could be why I could not replicate the problem.

Yep es file explorer is bloated

It is most likely an issue with using your phone while charging it in direct sunlight & body heat. My phone occasionally overheats and restarts when I’m downloading to many torrents simultaneously. Even when charging inside out of direct sunlight in ideal conditions. I could easily Rectify this problem by limiting the number of Torrents downloading simultaneously but I prefer performance and speed.

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I was in airplane mode at the time so no torrents. definitely was hot outside that day and the fact I was using the camera while charging coupled with ES file explorer was likely culprit. haven’t had the problem since I removed ES file explorer.


I know from personal experience that even doing menial tasks on your phone in combination with sunlight can make the device very hot. I don’t know if you have a removable battery but next time this becomes an issue please let me know if the battery becomes hot as well as the device. Hot battery bad Hot phone normal. I have experience similar issues and thought it was my battery but when I took everything apart the phone itself was extremely hot but the Battery was only slightly warm.
My device is a Samsung Note 3 upgraded to Android 7.1 with a new Anker battery.