Battery operated fans

What is the best battery operated fans?

I personally don’t use any so I wouldn’t know which one to recommend

Search a portable fan (any USB powered one on Amazon or Walmart) and use it with Anker Powercore Powerbank… This is what I do!

Anker / Eufy as such dont have any battery operated fans.

You may also search for battery powered ones on and ebay… Good ones go as much as $25 or as low as $1 (No guarantee on quality :rofl::rofl:)

I got a cheap one off Amazon by GeakAir (I think its the name). It get at least +8 hours on min speed and takes about an hour and half to charge. You can even charge while use the fan (I wouldn’t do that, its hard on the battery). I like where I don’t have access to a plug nearby and when we go tent camping in the late spring and early fall it will be used to push air from the tent vents.

Thanks to all. Very useful! Found this review