Battery Issues - Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

I just got my Liberty 2 Pro’s in the mail. After doing all kinds of research, I was excited to get them. I’m a die-hard Apple supporter, but unsatisfied with the Air Pods performance recently. I LOVE my new Liberty 2 Pro! The sound quality is amazing! 5 hours into use at my desk, I opened the app and noticed that the battery in the right ear is down to 1 bar and the left ear still has 3. Don’t get me wrong, 5 hours of battery life is great…and I haven’t gotten a notification of low battery yet, but I’m wondering why I notice the discrepancy between left and right. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Let us know how you get on… I received mine last week from amazon UK. I love them. Playing from Samsung A70 and my old samsung j5 with no sim in, just loads of cds from my collection. Using old phone as just audio source. Via WiFi or just the music… Anyway anybody on here know why I can’t sign in on the soundcore page ? Only ok on the anker ? Won’t let me post, says wrong email or password ?

Try creating another account on the Soundcore site

Same problem here. I mailed it to anker suppport and waiting for solution. My right ear bud seems have batterry drain problem. I never use them mono mode. I bought it one week ago

Now I’m not 100% this is the case with SoundCore, but I believe this is normal for truly wireless headphones because one headphone has to pull double duty: (1) receive the music from your phone and then (2) relay it to the second headphone. Therefore, one earbud will use more power than the other.

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You are completely correct Ryan :+1:

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I love to listen music. Not using it for call. If so… How can it die around 5 hours or less. Isnt it advertised last for 8 hours at normal volume level? Im disappointed for it sorry.

I begun listen music at 17:00 (Charge info from soundcore app not from phone)

  • 17:00 All earbuds have full charge, Left %100 -Right %100

  • 18:21 Left %100 - Right %80

  • 19:08 Left: %80 - Right: %60

  • 21:00 Left %60 - Right: %20

  • 21:21 Left %40 - Right: %20 (battery low notice)

  • 21:34 Left %40 - Right: %20 (shot down - manually on by pressing button)

  • 22:04 Left %40 - Right %20 (auto shut down 3 times - manually on by pressing button)

  • 22:10 Right is dead… Left is %40

Sorry but this is not acceptable. We paid this for listen music. If right earbud spend much please equal its battery…

Support team agreed with me. I send it to anker service in Istanbul. Waiting for progress…

I’m experiencing the same issue. With my first pair of Liberty 2 Pro’s, I was getting a little over 3 hours. I’ve contacted Anker support regarding this issue and they RMA’d my old pair and sent me another pair. I’ve tested with the right earbud as Master and I get a little over 5 hours before it shuts off completely. With the left earbud as Master I get nearer to 6 hours. I’m seeing reviews on Amazon with people boasting of the battery life (some claiming up to 11 hours). I only ever listen at around 50% volume or lower, so what am I doing wrong?

I love the sound and fit of these earbuds, but the battery life appears to be a common issue.

After 14 days test I can confirm the same issue with mine and also my friend pair of Liberty 2 PRO. So now we know that this is manufacturer issue. Don’t get me wrong We both love them, sound, fit, case, etc but for 120£ this is unacceptable that right earbud drain battery much quicker then left. Personally thinking that any software update will not fix it, so sadly we probably return them.

Do you have any newsfrom support?

They send me a new right unit but no effect or battery life changed. Im so disappointed with these pairs.

No nothing at all so we both returned them

So sad to hear it. Its a best phones i ever heard. Think ill stay with it and I’ll try to get used to it.

To Everyone here facing this issue. Your bluetooth settings should have 2 earbuds available one should have an “-L” at the end that’s the left earbud. Connect to left earbuds after 3.5 hours of use and you can easily pull of 7 hours. This switches the master control to left from right.

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Good tip. Is this the cause of asymmetric battery life issues also with the other buds types (Air 2, etc) ?

Sounds like this should happen automagically under the hood to ensure both buds empty equally.