Battery Eufy Video Doorbell Release?

Has a formal release date for the Battery Version of the Eufy Video Doorbell been announced yet, and when will it be available for purchase?
Hint - I would LOVE to be a beta (or even PRE-Beta) tester for you :wink::wink:.

I have just returned my RIng 2 - EXTREMELY disappointed with the performance of that device as far as Audio is concerned.
The biggest issue is that device simply will not work for 2-way communication with late-model Samsung phones (not viable for use at all!!) and generally, the audio at the bell, even from other phones (and Alexa Show) is barely audible without being right up against it.
Both of these issues are widely reported on the Ring Forums (unfortunately had not seen prior in User reviews, only after experiencing after purchase did I find these in search) - but Ring seems to be unwilling to acknowledge these problems. I am someone who rarely returns items and willing to wait for fixes to arrive - but that at least needs some acknowledge of a problem for a fix to be developed!
Sorry about the Rant - not really the medium for Ring bashing - just explaining my experience with the ‘other’ device.

As soon as I read the reviews on the Eufy - and that the battery version would be released “at the beginning of the year” I recognized I would be prepared to wait for it - more than willing to believe based on the Wired Eufy performance reports that the battery version will meet my requirements, even sight-unseen at this time.

(it’s not that I don’t possess the tehcnical capability to install the currently available wired one - it’s simply the mounting location of the existing bell-push is on a stucco wall too far away from the preferred location for a video bell, making hard-wiring prohibitive)

So I’m anxiously waiting for availability news … :smile:

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Support has been added to the app now… So hopefully very soon.

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Yes, I see the other thread with the inclusion of the Battery Version Doorbell in the App - that’s excellent news, can’t be too far away :+1:

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Happy to say that as anticipated the Eufy does NOT share this problem that is currently plaguing RIng customers (and they STILL have not acknowledged these issues and their forum is rife with complaints in that regard)

A clear 2-way conversation can be had with the Eufy on both my Samsung S10 and wife’s i-phone X - and the fundamental audio at the bell is good.

I have not yet tried 2-way communication with my Alexa Show (and that may not actually be possible) but it certainly displays a live-view of the camera.

The only slight criticism I have at the moment - and it is minor - is there appears to be a delay of maybe 3 seconds or so before the audio becomes active when you select the live view - and also a small delay when using 2-way communication.

It wasn’t obvious to me in the setup but I just discovered that you can use the Homebase in wireless mode! Fantastic! As I say, this wasn’t immediately clear in initial set-up instructions and I had initially set up using a power-line adapter to transmit via ethernet - but this makes for another great asset in it connectivity flexibility.
Very easy to set up using the app - Unlock the power of eufyCam E Wi-Fi Connection - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community - and I have a strong signal between homebase and the router and also the local Eufy wifi signal between Homebase and Doorbell. It’s only 2.4g unfortunately however - 5g WiFi would be a bonus, so maybe for future consideration that would be a nice option to have in the next generation.

I am delighted by its performance and capabilities - FAR superior device to the Ring, even not-withstanding their fundamental technical issues.