Battery doorbell sync problems

Just bought eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD. Setup ok until get to attempt to sync battery doorbell (fully charged) with homebase 2

  1. Scan QR code on back of battery camera - works
  2. app instructs to press sync button on back of doorbell until beeps - works
  3. Phone, doorbell & homebase 2 all next to each other
  4. Sync fails every time
  5. Checked Internet connection for homebase & is reported as very good
  6. Switched back to ethernet - no difference
  7. Tried to add both Battery doorbell (several times) & Battery doorbell slim - no difference

Any advice on how to fix this appreciated

Hi, I have the EXACT same issues…and have essentially mirrored your steps. When Homebase 2 was first fired up it did perform a software update and I now wonder if they have introduced a bug. No matter what I do, I cannot add the doorbell.

Sounds like it needs an update to fix those issues

Same issue here.

Has there been any update to this at all??

Same issue here… Why is there no response from Anker?

Hello, I have the same problem! new homebase2 with eufy doorbell (batt). Homebase did a firmware update. Then want to add the doorbell but when press doorbell sync button no beep. I charged the doorbell more than 5 hours. Still no luck. What is wrong??? please help me out.

I have the same issue with my brand new FloodCamCamera. only when I check the Camera Internet connection it reports weak signal. Both wireless laptop and printer working fine. The camera is two feet away from the router. I measue the 2.4 single as very strong with wifi meter.

Did you also press the sync button on the HomeBase2 ? The homebase 2 emits a sound that the doorbell needs to pick up. The homebase 2 and the battery doorbell use a wifi network seperate to your home wifi. The sound is used to exchange SSID (which is hidden) and the Wifi password

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doorbell is completely dead now. it’s offline and i’m not able to connect to homebase . I’ve tried all the BS support suggest. Not being able to replace the battery is a joke. Gonna start putting these doorbells on blast with bad reviews! When sales decline maybe they will fix this trash doorbell

I found I had to hold the doorbell a few inches from the sound being made, and that worked. So thanks for that post. Too bad the documentation doesn’t give that information.