Battery charge issue

I bought the anker soundcore liberty air 2 days ago via Amazon, but the battery charge for left ear has not worked at all.
No light on the top. The right ear has worked well.
how should I do for that? I would like support team to advise me.

Did you remove the plastic tabs that covers the charging pins? If not take a look inside the case and see if it’s blocking the pins if it is not on the earbuds themselves

Yes, I’ve already checked and removed.
But didn’t work…

What you can try:
take a paperclip and short the two pins inside the case where the left earbud goes, this will reset the case.
You can put the earbuds inside the case, push down and observe to see if any charging occurs, if not try plugging the case in and see if everything starts to charge.

If all else fails reach out to with your order number and serial number as well as the steps you have taken to trouble shoot and they will further assist with replacement if need be