Battery case vs Portable battery

Do you prefer a battery case or the portable battery pack.

Battery case. It eliminates so much weight. and the need for a cable.

Too bad most devices have to use their battery while charging from another battery. If plugged in at 100% i wish external power could come from port not internal battery. Accurate?

I completely agree

Portable battery! A battery case would make my phone too bulky.

Portable battery. First off I usually have more than one device with me and I like to have something with a large charge capacity and unfortunately cases just don’t cover that right now. Second I like the peace of mind in knowing I can hand it off to someone such as my other half or my nephew in a moment’s notice if the occasion arises. II’ve been at a football game for example and sitting in the stands one of our phones was low battery. I passed down my power bank and that parent was able to capture their kids’ memories. Can’t do that with a case battery unfortunately. Lastly, people upgrade phones. I’ve had the same power bank for a few years now an sure I have others now but I have taken great care of it and it still works great. I have had a couple of phones since then. A case is stuck to your phone model.

Let me edit this with a cool idea I put together. I am disabled and walk with a cane so at times I do prefer not to use a shoulder bag. That means what ai carry must fit in my pocket! I recently purchased a 3ft Powerline+ cord. I normally refuse short cords but I needed a data transfer cable to my laptop. It arrived and it happens to be the perfect length to go from my back pocket to my phone. It has allowed me to walk and charge my phone if necessary or if I have my purse to charge my phone in my purse without an extra bunch of cord. I love that it is an alternative to a cumbersome battery case and has allowed me to carry a battery with more capacity. My battery is tiny - one is less than the size of my phone and carries 10000mAh or another is even smaller and carries 4000.

Portable battery. May need to charge a friends device or the kids.

Definitely agree. Got the small 10000mAh bank and it’s great!

I would like the battery phone case if it looks good. It would be nice if the battery case also had a micro USB so you could use it to charge another device as well.

The battery cases are only good for the specific phone you buy it for, while external batteries can be used for any almost device. Thats my main reason for sticking to external batteries.

Portable battery pack

Portable battery. It lasts way longer, there’s no added bulk to your case, and you can have more than one!

For day to day use, I prefer a power bank over a larger case. But if I’m going to something like an amusement park where carrying a large power bank can be cumbersome, I prefer a battery case.

I personally like portable chargers better because you can share them without it being a hassle, though a battery case would be nice.

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Portable batter they seem to work much better than the cases, and I am not limited to my one device to use the juice

Portable PowerCore battery pack for sure. I like to keep my phone slim. Portable because I use it to charge all kinds of other items.

I agree. Dont limit yourself to one device