Battery Case Question

Hi everyone! Had a question so I thought I’d post it on the forum here. I got an anker battery case a few months ago for my iphone 6s and I’ve loved it. But something’s been bothering me lately. I noticed when i plug it in to charge at night, the phone charges to 100% before the battery case starts to charge, which I understand is normal. But I’ve also noticed after the phone reaches 100% and the case starts charging, the battery icon on my phone indicates that it’s still charging. I tend to leave my phone charging overnight every night, so is this harming my phone or case’s battery in the long run?

I have a battery case from Anker as well. Once my phone charges to 100%, I don’t see phone battery charging icon; only the battery case charging lights will flash. Talk to tech support from Anker, they will help you solve the problem!

Generally, it’s OK to leave your phone charge overnight as it has its own built-in protections against overcharging. Here is a good article on the subject: