Battery Bank Reset?

Hi all,

I’ve had my trusty Anker battery bank (2nd Gen Astro E5 / A1208) for 3.5 years now. I know it’s a little aged, but it’s never let me down.

Suddenly the lights stopped activating and it doesn’t recognize any USB cables being plugged in. It shouldn’t be the battery losing capacity as I haven’t noticed any significant problems with that. I’m not very hopeful here considering there’s only one button on it, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to “reset” it, whether via a button pattern/PC software/etc.?

Thanks for any input. :slight_smile:

Someone mentioned plugging the cable into the usb port and plugging it back in as if your charging and it reset their battery pack. Maybe give it a try and see


Contact support they might have a way to reset it or tell up front that its toast.

You can try to connect its Micro input port and the USB output port using the included USB cable to reset.


See I was right, haha


I was having problems with my PowerCore 3 (could not wirelessly charge while the PowerCore was charging). I tried this same thing, plugging a cable between its USB-A and USB-C ports (and a pressed the power button a few times)… and it seems to have reset the device, as it is now working perfectly again.

If this is an official reset solution, you might want to document it as such.

Thanks for making such great products!

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We do suggest it whenever applicable, what we don’t know is what product it works for, but we suggest it nonetheless.