Batteries need to get a lot better

Diesel and petrol car ban: Clean air strategy ‘not enough’ -

So that we can breathe there needs to be a dramatic increase in battery technology so vehicles can move around us without emissions.

Currently you can’t go for a longer journey due to a limited range and recharge is slow.

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I believe major battery makers are working on this at the moment.

Tesla and Panasonic revealed a battery that can charge some 80% in a short amount of time and samsung revealed their car batteries that does similar stuff. We are definitely getting to that stage, slowly. Car makers are turning their attention of EV’s and once the race heats up, innovation should speed up as well.

The problem is Lithium Ion batteries can explode and last only about 500 charges. Most people want their cars to last more than 5 years and that is not possible with a max amount of times for full charges.

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Patience, young grasshopper.