Bass sound "burst"

I’m sorry I’m Brazilian and I do not speak English, I’m using the google translator to write, I do not know if I’m in the right place but I’d like to get out of doubt.

There is a week that I received a soundcore pro 25w and everything was normal when I received more after 6 days the sound in the back is bursting.

Is it something simple to solve?
Or shall I ask for refound?

here is the link of a video I made about the problem:

Thank you all for your patience to read

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Sounds like a blown/ripped passive radiator to me. Send an email with your order number and a link to the video above you can request a replacement or refund.


Believe me, if it were easy to replace at home, I would, it took me 45 days to get to my country.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll do it.
Sorry for Google translator.

You must have gotten a lemon. I use mine heavily with bassy music and have never damaged the radiator. If you are allowed to keep the speaker you can repair the passive radiator with Shoe Goo.


Dear Jorge_Silva,

So sorry to hear you are having a problem with the SoundCore Pro speaker. Regarding the issue you mentioned, please try following tips to see if any help:

  • Confirm the speaker is fully charged
  • Reset the speaker by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for 2s
  • Clear that speaker from your Bluetooth’s memory,then test it again
  • Try the speaker with another device,such as your phone;try another app or audio source

If above doesn’t help,please contact us at with the issue and a copy of the receipt for further assistance.