Basic User?

Can I ask… I’m going to anyways!

Why am.i still considered a basic user and at what level does it change?


All members outside of admins and mods are basic users, there’s a thread here explaining the background of it;


Hi, @joshuad11 is a “regular” User… He is a Senior member.


I’m regular member too


I just think, there should be more of a scale, like in most forums.

Level ?-? Basic
Level ?-? Intermediate, so you know they ain’t talking shit but aren’t technical or mods etc
Level ?-? Advance member. Someone very experienced and can be trusted
Level ?-? Mods… I know you have some, to watch over the flock!

Obviously Anker is admin n boss

Just a thought, it’s also like a reward, and helps those who are new/er to know whose advice to trust.

One can take levels too far

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As you can gain points from saying anything or posting anything to boost your level (as long as it’s in the rules), you could end up an intermediate or advanced member regardless of your background or ability not to talk crap…even this fella could do well :grin:

The main issue in the past was that as your level and rank increased you gained more power in the forum to change stuff. Unless they have now found a way to control more what the level boosts could give access to…use of badges again could help show the ranking of members either based on helpfulness, technical knowledge or just being a joker :laughing:


I really wish they would bring back the badges as @ankerofficial did say more were coming, but then the forum upgrade is ongoing so we may not see that until it’s complete. But I’m ok with titles such as techie genius…which would be @nigelhealy, the informant would be @joshuad11 … so everyone can have an assigned name to signify their knowledge level


That was what I was thinking when I looked into the old thread

It should be back or at least the post from @AnkerOfficial is saying it: