Bad sound quality through anker soundcore mini

hi when i play a song through my BT headphones the sound quality is awesome, then when i connect my anker soundcore mini the sound quality has a crackling bitty sound (dont know how to describe it properly) but only on certain songs, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Seems to be a bad recording of those songs.

i downloaded the same song from another source and it still plays the same, thanks for your reply.

OK you have that “special song”, you have 2 devices to play with.
the earbuds and the speaker and you are using the same device you are connecting speaker and your earbuds.

Were is this song from?
Youtube? → Link available? :slight_smile:

yes the song is on my phone, i switch between my BT headphones and the sound is perfect and then when i connect my anker soundcore mini via BT it sounds ( i wish i knew how to describe the sound exactly ) like its crackly bitty.

Store the same song on another device and connect the speaker to this.
And give that a try.
I dont think thats a speaker issue.

You may be encountering clipping where the gain is high on one setting and low on another setting. Tinker with volume settings in phone and speaker and it can sometimes remove the issue.

Example from another product of the potential cause

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hi sorry for taking so long, i connected the anker soundcore to my pc via BT and it still sounds the same

A really strange problem.
Have you checked the volume on the speaker and the bt- source, as
@professor recommend.’
Play around by different adjustments.

Maybe the one of the speakers is busted. Try it on a different speaker

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