Bad Battery, Poor customer service

Bought a eufy 4 camera system three days ago. 3 cameras and base station work brilliantly out of the box. One camera was DOA, and after talking with very helpful person on chat line, he said to contact eufy support and they would replace:

I contacted eufy support with the transcript of the chat conversation and my receipt. Eufy support refused to replace camera, saying that I need to return it to the place I bought it and, moreover, that they had no record of my purchase.

I spoke to the store where I bought it and they could exchange if I physically brought it in. This is going to be tough as the store is a 3-hour flight away. I may be able to swap it jn a store that is only a 3 hour drive away, but it is not clear.

Either way this is a massive undertaking for a unit that was clearly defective out of the box. As a retired person living on my own, I thought eufy security cameras would be an ideal solution (and three of them seem to work well), but I am unhappy by the inconsistency and lack of understanding shown by their user support.

Has anybody has has the same issue, either with units being DOA, or with unhelpful support.

I have escalated the matter, and I hope I get a better response. Right now, it appears that I have to go out of my way to replace a unit that I bought in good faith.

Hi @Brian_and_Nance sorry to hear of your issues with the EufyCam. I can say from past experiences (and I’m not alone here) that customer support (CS) often go above and beyond to resolve issues such as this.

Your best course of action in this case is to escalate the issue (as you have already done), I would also provide any of your purchase receipts to CS as proof of purchase (as they won’t have a record if not purchased directly).


After escalating, eufy customer service still say they cannot replace defective unit (although they acknowledge Iit is defective).

They insist I deal with the retailer who sold me the unit - who will only accept Iin person exchange. And they are a 3-hour flight away. So that isn’t going to happen, not when the return flight and taxi fare is 5x the cost of the camera.

Is this “above and beyond” service. I don’t think so.

This is a real shame, because I had been extolling the virtues of eufy to my neighbours, who were looking to purchase units. But after this, I will be telling them to buy the Arlo Pro. The technology is great (when it works), but the inconsistency and intransigence of customer service is shameful.

I am now stuck with a dead camera and no one is taking responsibility to help me exchange the unit in a cost effective. Perhaps I shouldn’t have purchased in a store so far away, but, then again, I expect things I buy to work and not come across customer service that is focussed on passing the buck.

Sorry to hear @Brian_and_Nance , who was the retailer?

@AnkerOfficial can you offer any insight here?

Retailer was JB HiFi in Melbourne. Eufy say the warranty is with them not with eufy. That may be correct, but when accessing that warranty becomes so difficult, I thought eufy might take the responsibility for making good on their defective unit.

Further response from eufy - we are only following orders and cant replace. If we did this for you, we would have to do it for everyone else. …!!!

Eufy, you have lost not only my custom, but all those in my neighbourhood who were looking to purchase.
Clearly, this means nothing to you. Good luck with that approach to customer service…

Please don’t reply telling me to “have a nice day” again. You guys are dead to me.

You stated about a 3 hour drive and a potential exchange. I would say try to call them and ask them about an exchange or refund. I think the reason for you to contact the company is that company have your sales info not Eufy as you did not buy directly from Eufy. I think if Eufy was brought from Anker site/Amazon then they would exchange it.

I do feel for you and hope the selling company can help. I know some places where I had to return something or have it fixed would send a mailing label to get fixed.

I do not know how easy if possible the battery is accessible or not. If you can exchange batteries and see if it is the camera or battery. The worse case would be to see if you can buy a new battery if that was the issue and if it was accessible.

Good luck.