Background hum with SoundSync

I just received this item and it works really well. i’ve tried a few other brands with mixed success. I do notice a background hum… which seems to be common with many bluetooth interfaces. Do you have a recommendation on how I can eliminate that? I have to have the volume on my phone set to full and on the stereo at about 70% in order to hear the audio well.

Hi @Lohroffc, sorry to hear about the hum. What are you plugging the USB end in to? Is it a USB port built-in to the car, or is it a car charger that fits in the cigarette lighter? Some car chargers can generate excess noise, so you could try another car charger or power source if possible. Feel free to reach out to if it still gives your trouble.

It’s plugged in to Anker Powerdrive 5. That hub is plugged in to an Anker PowerDrive+ 2. Am I better off with a different combination (or few links in the chain?)

@Lohroffc, I would try plugging the SoundSync in directly to the first charger in the chain to see if it makes a difference. Also, are you charging your phone or any other gadgets at the same time? That could also be contributing to the hum.

Does the hum vary with engine speed? If so, you’re picking up alternator whine from the cigarette lighter outlet. You’ll need to get a ground loop isolator for your audio connection.

My mistake. The PowerDrive+2 is in a different vehicle. The SoundSync is plugged directly into the PowerDrive 5 which is plugged directly into the 12v power outlet in the vehicle.

Thankyou! I have just ordered one. The condition described in the product description sounds like the issue I’m having.

@TechnicallyWell Thank you so much for answering the question. @Lohroffc It could happen to some cars. Normally we would recommend the noise isolator for this issue. If you already ordered it by yourself, could you please contact us via with your order ID of SoundSync? We are happy to refund you the amount for the noise isolator.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support.

I just purchased a Soundsync Drive for my 2008 Lexus (has Bluetooth for phone but not streaming music). plugged into anker adapter charger and getting hum. Where can I get isolator.

Hi Lohroffc,

Did the Ground Loop Isolator stop the engine whine noise?