Background audio in Eufy Security app

It would be awesome to have background audio support in the Eufy Security app, like the Nanit app, so you can listen to music or turn off the screen of your phone and still hear your video feed. This would make the Eufy Security much better as an alternative to dedicated baby monitor products, and that isn’t a significant change (at least on iOS).

Edit: haha the first comment points out, this wasn’t as clear a suggestion as I’d hoped. I’m hoping to have Eufy enable the audio to continue playing when the app is in the background!


Better preinstalled melodies

Baby monitor : Lullaby
Eufy Cam : La gazza ladra when burglars show up.!

(Kidding as usual) :rofl:

I second this! We have multiple Eufy indoor pan & tilts that we love!.. but this is the one missing feature that holds me back from recommending to other friends with babies. From an iOS developer perspective, it should be easy to enable (see link in original post).

Please add this to the security app!

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Its easy and I am sure there is someone here from the members who will sing or play such lullaby.
Free donation to all here.

What about
‘Schlaf Kindlein schlaf’

I’m talking about listening to a camera’s audio feed with the camera app minimized (ie hearing what is going on in a room without needing to have the app/feed actively showing).

Sorry I got you wrong.

  1. I am totally in agreement with you on the ability to play the audio stream in the background with the screen off. My wife would LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature.
  2. Picture in picture would be great also.
  3. The ability to view multiple cameras live video on the same screen would be awesome.
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