Back to School Sale | Up to 41% Off

Hey Anker fans,

Say goodbye to your summer romances, to hanging out all day watching TV, to barbecues in the back yard, and to ice-cold beers on a hot summer evening: It’s back to school season.

For those of you heading off to college, now’s the time to start deciding what you’re going to be taking with you. Well, we’ve come up with something to make that decision a little easier.

Starting today, we’re offering up to 41% off a range of chargers, batteries, hubs and cables. Just what every college student needs.

Don’t worry, we won’t be checking admission letters. Even if you’re not going back to school this year, you can still take advantage of these amazing deals.

Check out what we’ve got in store for you below, and let us know what you’ve got your eye on in the comments.

For the Multi-Tasking Student

PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub | 30% Off with No Code Needed (Valid until 19/08)

PowerExpand+ Premium 7-in-1 USB-C Hub | 23% Off with Code ANKERC346 + Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

PowerExpand+ 5-in-1 USB-C Ethernet Hub | 15% Off with Code ANKERC331 + Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

PowerExpand+ Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub | 15% Off with Coupon (Valid until 15/08)

For Those Late Nights in the Library

PowerPort Speed 1 | 18% Off with Code ANKER150 (Valid until 18/08)

PowerPort Atom III 60W White version | 20% Off with Code ANKER623 (Valid until 18/08)

PowerPort Atom PD 2 | 20% Off with Code ANKER902 (Valid until 18/08)

PowerPort Atom III (Two Ports) White version | 20% Off with Code ANKER203 (Valid until 18/08)

For Making Connections

PowerLine II USB-C to USB-C 2.0 (6 ft) | 28% Off with Code BTSC8482 (Valid until 16/08)

PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning (6 ft) | 29% Off with Coupon (Valid until 18/08)

USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter | 20% Off with Code BTSC8175 (Valid until 16/08)

PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 (10 ft) | 19% Off with Code BTSC10AC (Valid until 16/08)

For the Long Journey Home

PowerCore+ 19000 PD | 41% Off with Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

PowerCore+ 26800 PD | 23% Off with Code ANKERPD75 (Valid until 31/08)

Alkaline AAA Batteries | 36% Off with Coupon (Valid until 18/08)

Alkaline AA Batteries | 27% Off with Coupon (Valid until 18/08)

Power On!

Note: The above deals are for US residents only. For our fans in the UK, please click here to see deals available to you.


Those are some pretty good deals, thanks Anker!

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Thanks for these deals anker!

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Great deals guys

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Great deals for US & UK

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nice deals!

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$16.99 for a 6’ Powerline+ II USB-C to Lightning cable? Oh my.

Wowsers. That’s a lot of deals.

thank you kindly… that’s a nice spread.

awesome!! time to get the new PD powerbanks


Thanks Anker. I needed to stockup on a few things.


Now this is a Sale! Lots of good items I see on sale. I already have most of them bought already but may need more for friends.

The UK deals are pretty solid! And they came just at the right time as I need a new PowerCore for university!

This power bank providing enough energy for your university life.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Awesome deals that’s for sure

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The code does not work, and don’t see any Coupon anymore.

When there’s back to school sales but you don’t go back to school for another 3 weeks.

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The codes are not working.

They are working for me just fine .

The coupon is shown on Amazon product page, where you can click to apply at checkout.