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Some epic deals right there!

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Excellent deals, it would be awesome if the a more Universal PowerCore AC was to be released, could see a few UK purchases being made :grin:


Such a device could be made where it used C19 input to which any country cord would work and a diallable voltage DC output and then a set of plug-on pin shapes to fit different devices replacing their AC/DC adapters. You’d then have an any-country any-device (*) efficient portable charger.

The challenge without such a DC-DC and pin adapter method, the UK has the DC to AC step up twice as high to 240V than USA 115V, it is more demanding electronically. Which is why my design would be better.

(* just need the right shape adapter and to know the voltage the device requires, usually reading off a label with a microscope)

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stuff looks great

Great deals! Thanks for sharing

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nice deals was going to get the wireless charging pad but doesn’t really work with the new phone :frowning:

“Doesn’t really”?

What kinda phone have you got?

EPIC. REAL EPIC :sweat_smile::grin::laughing:

Is this for North America or Europe?

Some great deals. The PowerCore AC would make my older notebook more mobile and useful again. I need to get save some for one of these.

But its half the cost of a 8" tablet instead.

Old laptops don’t die, they end up Linux servers.


Old Laptops never die!
I use those as you said, not as a server, daily use under LINUX of course.

Much better than any WIN oder MAC-OS.
(Their updates upgrades which don’t work and are causing really troubles)

Sometimes a little bit tricky, but everybody who knows how computers really work can handle it.

And don’t forget, whenever there is a problem the LINUX-community is as helpful as we here are. :grin:

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That’s my plan for my old laptop. But I think my wife wants it so she can do our budgets and the books for our personal business. Shes tired of doing it on my old 10 inch notebook.

sorry for the late replay finally got back from family trip but got the Pixel 3

So your phone has wireless charging, but since Google changed things your limited to just 5w slow charging unless it’s a Google approved device, which hopefully this year Anker will have so you can take advantage of the 10w fast charging

I Like such bargains. Especially the PowerCore mini !

Yup I know that’s why I’m holding out and hopefully Anker will have one that is approved with the fast charging.