B key continuously printing the b character until other key is pressed. Shift + t not working


I have bought Anker wireless keyboard on 14th May 2019 on Amazon.in. Its always connected to my MAC machine.
Since two days, few keys are not working as expected.

  1. Letter b is continuously printing on the screen until I press other key. No sticking issue.
  2. Left side Shift + t not working.

Please help me to fix the issue


Hi @arunpramodh and welcome to the community. Which model of keyboard do you have?

A number of issues for BT devices with MacOS can be resolved with a fresh pairing and/or a reset of your BT module, have you tried these methods yet?

Go to the dollar store (Poundland etc), and buy a tin of AIR… YES, a tin of air.

Spray freely under the keys, as it could be you have a sticky key.

If that doesn’t work, carefully remove the key, and check, it could be too dry under, or the springy hit, not springy or you can see where it’s catching etc.

This is considered standard maintenance, and SHOULDNT effect any future warranty issues.

Hi ndalby,

The model number of my keyboard is HB086. I tried with fresh pairing but no luck.


Hi Arun, have you tried a BT module reset on your Mac also?

If the BT module reset also fails to resolve I would suggest you log a call with support@anker.com mentioned your purchase date, serial and issue (with troubleshooting steps taken) for assistance under your warranty and replacement if deem to be a hardware fault.