Awesome customer care (again)

I just had a “why I like Anker” customer care experience.

I had a Soundbuds Life, I got in a competition, one of the buds got unreliable, and it only took 1 day and 2 emails and the problem resolved via a replacement.

I have plenty of Anker products under my influence, few fail which is the main benefit, but of those few that do fail, excellent customer support is the secondary benefit.


Yep the customer care is first rate. I do wonder however how much money they might lose over a year with those who run a scam of ‘oh no, my item is not working’ to get a replacement, as very rarely is the item asked to be returned to confirm defect, a replacement is normally just automatically sent.


Wonder indeed.

It is down to the “script” in the service center. What I do is I proactively assume skepticism and over-inform of “yes I did check that” in advance with as much evidence as possible.

I respect the fact it is a global mainly China based support so every step you can eliminate shaves a day.

To your point, of false negatives, I’m sure it is easy to spot good customer vs bad customer. I bought “oodles” of Anker and claim little so there is a trail of evidence I am not abusing. Others may be different.


Being a Power User, I have numerous Anker products powering my house and daily life. Once I got a similar problem with some SoundBuds Sport, which got replaced, no questions asked.

I recently had a similar problem with the Bluetooth Selfie Stick, and once again, Anker did a great job, by sending me another one.

I do wonder also if people abuse on this to get free stuff. I hope Anker is keeping track to detect abuse.

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To be honest, this kind of cheating issue we found many times before, but we are still willing to unconditionally believe our consumers. Cos our company serves the objective: The quality first, the consumer is supreme.:grin:


I’ve only needed to log one item for a defect (SoundBuds NB10) of the battery not holding sufficient charge after a few months of use and despite not having the serial no, it was still replaced rapidly. I guess they have some system in place for monitoring repeat offenders (most likely email, with serials if lucky for batch checking) but some will no doubt take advantage of above and beyond gratuity Anker extends to customers.

Some examples (single number digits), in my opinion, can be found here on the community forums :thinking:


Abusers should stand out. I think I have had total of 3 Anker support issues over years, dozens of orders, anyone can tell I’m not abusing.

What I really like, is the reasonableness. Too many characters in one word but it fits the feeling.

I have to deal with others with an A in their name and it is so different, I end up repairing the item myself as it is cheaper and/or faster than their “support”.


This is good advice when requesting support from most companies. It really helps speed up the process!

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I figured you would say something like that @AnkerOfficial. It’s really awesome to see a company that is so people-first. As always when that is the case, there are those who will take advantage, but I think the fact that you stick to that approach despite those who might do that, has paid off much more in customers who are passionate and committed to your brand. You are an excellent example of how a company should treat it’s customers. Thank you!

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That’s nice from you

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Well no wonder your SoundBuds Life was problematic, you have tape all over it :stuck_out_tongue: All kidding aside, Anker’s customer service is awesome. I’ve always been able to get a hold of someone at Anker in a short amount of time, if not right away. I’ve gone thru some troubleshooting with them and had questions also. And every time I had contacted them, my problem or concern was met. Kudos to Anker for their customer service. This is definitely one of the things I love about Anker, besides their high quality products of course. :slight_smile:

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problem Monday, solution Friday, replacement in the post.


As for tape…

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Problem: therefore you do not own enough Anker.

Probably more than I need, hence gifting is happening more recently, currently sitting on these;

PowerCore 10000
PowerCore 20000
PowerCore 28600
PowerCore Slim 5000
SoundBud Slim
SoundBud NB10
SoundBuds Life
SoundCore Nano
SoundCore XL
SoundCore 1
SoundCore Mini
Magnetic Dash Mount
PowerDrive+ 3
PowerPort Solar Lite (powerdraw win)

Several PowerLine + cables 3-6ft covering USB to lightning, micro usb and more recently USB-C. iPhone 6s case and glass screen protectors.

Prototype Sample
SoundCore Select - released as SoundCore 2 minus NFC

Gifted (or liberated) Items to friends / relatives

SoundCore Nano x2
PowerCore Slim 5000 x1
PowerCore Mini + 3350mAh
Roav DashCam C1
Astro E1 (powerdraw win)

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:wave: you can gift me your magnetic phone mount :grinning:…well just the magnetic plates your not using since I lost all mine

so many goodies, O.O

give me them goodies.

Mine was one of the earlier releases, only a single plate, so your chances are less than zero :smile:

How could you get all of this!!! :joy::joy::joy: You are our spokesman!

Been lucky on giveaways and power user samples :grin: . Although a few were bought with hard earned :moneybag: :laughing:

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