AUX input alternative to Anker SoundCore Boost Bluethoot?

Hello everyone,

I just bought a SoundCore Boost speaker. But due to a wrong description on the website I bought, I thought it has an AUX input, but it doesn’t have (probably the description was about the older version).

Anyway, I like this Speaker, but I really would like to play music via cable. Basically, I have an audio interface and I would like to use the speaker as output instead of a headphone.

Since the speaker doesn’t have aux input, can I use something like a “USB-C to P2” adaptor? Besides that, any suggestion?

Thank you!

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There are adapters which can be used.
I found this one.

Yes the older version had such an Aux-input.
But really using a “cable”, I dont know.

Thats odd @jcazeredo
Just checked mine and it has the 3.5mm aux input.

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Old model only owned by old regulars! :rofl:

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Oh I see Franz.
Crazy Soundcore wouldn’t take away a feature that could be so useful to so many.
Or perhaps in their market research not many used the aux input. I certainly don’t!

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No nothing will work.

The original boost had AUX for audio in and MicroB for power in and USB-A for power out. The upgraded version has swapped this for USB-C for power in and a TWS button for stereo pairing.

The USB-C is just for power, not for data, it is impossible to use a converter for it.

It is generally accepted here to make such non-trivial changes while keeping the product name the same so each can be bought by accident is causing confusion in consumers and not a good thing for Anker to do.

Some speakers have AUX in, for example the Motion+ , suggest you return this Boost now for refund and buy a different model.

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Thank you, guys. I’m going to return it and get a SoundCore 2 speaker, I don’t think it’s good as the Boost, but it has what I need. Thank you to everyone who tried to help :slight_smile:


I took a look at my Flare, they got an aux-input the Flare mini has no.

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Shane you had to compromise @jcazeredo but sometimes you just have too.
I’m sure you’ll love the Soundcore 2.