Aux Connection

Are there any instruction to connect AUX cable to speaker. Speakers have AUX jack but there is no sound. Can you please let me know if there is any key combination that enable the AUX cable?

May I ask which speaker you are referencing? As far as I am aware most speakers with aux output should switch automatically, others you must navigate to aux mode via button preses…but that depends on the speaker .

If you are still experiencing no sound try to raise the volume on the source and also try another cable


I use this feature with the original soundcore all the time. just connect a cable that features male 3.5 on both ends to your devices headphone jack and the speakers 3.5 input jack and it is just like plugging in headphones. Make sure the speaker is powered on. If the speaker is already connected to a nearby Bluetooth device it may try to default to that so just turn off the connected bluetooth
Anker connection


Also, make sure you MEDIA volume is on high on the source, as that’ll affect output volume.