AUX cables

I drive and old Honda that doesn’t support Bluetooth but has an AUX port in the dash. I was wondering why Anker doesn’t not manufacture and sell high quality AUX cables like their USB and Lightning Cables. Anyone know?


3.5mm cable? they do



They’ve been doing them for years :see_no_evil:

Anker does sell AUX cables. Here:


Hmm didn’t see the AUX cables available on the website??

should have looked in Amazon before posting

Now you could buy an AUX cable which is manufactured by Anker.:smile:

I recently reviewed one of their AUX cable, and I am using another one for more than a year. These cables are really good !

Actually I’d skip the aux cable and go with an Anker Soundsync Drive bluetooth to aux adapter.

It works really well, and it has a mic so you don’t have to worry about google now/other voice inputs not enjoying being plugged into an aux with no mic. Plus you don’t have to plug anything into your phone to listen to music, or take a call.

Add a 2 port usb car charger to power it, and charge your phone and you are golden, that was my setup in my old Toyota for 2 solid weeks it worked great, right before my car got stolen. (Thankfully my power drive speed adapter hadn’t come yet or I’d have been really mad)

I actually prefer the AUX cable in my car, but I’m glad you found an answer to your need :slight_smile: