Auto Record on Doorbell While Viewing Live

So I work from home. And I have 2 dogs. When there is someone outside, such as UPS, my dogs bark. So I bring up the Eufy app to see who / what it is that is making my dogs bark. It is mostly people making deliveries (UPS, Federal Express, USPS, etc). Once I see who / what it is I close the app. But then I noticed there was no recording of the event. I know that I can manually record while I have the app up. But is there a way to set the doorbell to auto record even if I am viewing live?

If I record manually it simply goes to my phone and then my wife and daughter can’t see it on their phones. I would like for the doorbell to record it so that we can all see it later if need be to be able to track packages or whatever.

Over at the Eufy community you may get a quicker response.