Auto logged out / Refresh

Anyone else finding they are suddenly being randomly LOGGED OUT?

Since starting to reguarly chat on the forum, I’ve stayed permanently logged in, but last couple days, I’m being randomly logged out. Sometimes even as I type/reply.

I’m using Samsung’s own generic browser, on an S8.

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Yep. In other threads.

I have the same problem it kinda got annoying after a while and when i tried to sign out and login back into my account i get another error message saying your account has been timed out

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Yeah, we have noticed this issue and our technicians are already solving this problem.
Sorry for all the inconvenience, we will fix it ASAP!


I am usually always logged out here and there even when permanently logged in. I usually just attribute it to an update of some kind. (either internet program, anker, etc.)

its been happening to me. Several times a day.