Auto adapter on Powerhouse 800

Hi gang. I just took delivery of an Anker powerhouse 800 yesterday.
I charged it up and everything checked out except for the car socket which apparently has no power.

I plugged in three different devices and even used my voltmeter and it’s dead.

Is there any trick to activating this? The instruction book that came with this unit is very sparse and isn’t much more than a quick start pamphlet.

I’d appreciate any advice anybody, has thank you.


@Tank (Rob) got such one and has perfect knowledge about
I am sure he will show up here later.

In order to use the car socket make sure the main (Center) power button is pressed and also the one above the car socket. Each section is only powered when the button for that section is turned on. Also make sure to turn these buttons off when not being used as they draw a slight current and can eventually drain the powerhouse.


I knew you know about! :wink:

I tried that but even though the display shows “out” and 2w (which I assume means the socket is activated, there still is no power coming out of the scoket itself.

I guess that means the unit it defective?

Have you plugged something into it? And not just test it with a meter

Yes, I have plugged a battery powered CPAP machine into it, a USB charger into it with a volt meter and a small 150 watt inverter into it in addition to searching for voltage with a multimeter.

I confirmed that all three devices work when plugged into another battery storage device I have on hand.

I am assuming that this socket is supposed to provide power and not just for charging. The only documentation that came with the unit was one thin pamphlet which is more like a quick start guide than anything else.

Please reach out to as they may be able to better help you than I can. I have the Powerhouse ii 400 which is the same just less power and ports available, but all still different in itself

I called support this afternoon and they told me to send it back and they’ll send me another one.

Thanks for your help