Aukey copies Anker headphones

We all know that in the tech industry companies piggyback or copy other companies. Now one of Ankers direct competitors copied a feature that many of us have been using for some time. This feature is the ability to charge our headphones for 15 minutes and we get an hour worth of playtime. They also feature a similar nano coating for water resistance.

I know Anker does it better and with a warranty and support to back it up.

So what do you all think about this? Do you think companies should copy each other or try to be innovative all their own? I know Anker wantr the first to do this so it’s a feature I actually welcome, but I still criticize.


Gonna borrow Budweisers slogan for a minute and say that Anker is the genuine article :ok_hand:t2:

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I thought exactly the same when I saw it… Such a SPIRIT rip-off!

Even the wording is very close.

Everybody loves Anker, isn’t it? :sunglasses:


I’m not sure how copyright works in tech (I know apple thinks it owns EVERYTJING!)

In photography, it’s quite unusual. Let’s take for example, sports illustrated calender.

I can get the same models, take the same pose on the same setting, with exactly the same equipment, but because I took the pictures, it’s not illegal. lol

It’s ONLY ILLEGAL, if I reprint their calender/photos and obvs give it the same name (sports illustrated),. Should I call it … I dunno… Illustrated bikinis, that would be fine.

“Good artists copy…great artists steal”…Picasso

Not a fan of blatant copying, like these small fly by night concerns that release a photocopy of an iPhone or Samsung around 2hrs after it’s original release, which is neither the same quality or has the same functionality at all…but in terms of companies ‘copying’ peripheral type devices likes earbuds / speakers etc…that’s a bit of a tough one…

Essentially the technology in used in each is not necessarily proprietary to the first company to release, it maybe a technology that has been out there and they have chosen first to include it in their design…it takes off and others follow suit…if it’s a blatant carbon copy of the design and tech, that’s what lawsuits are for (though Apple abuses that system, point in fact the opening quote)…

Logically if companies did not actually copy each other on designs, tech & functions, innovation would die. Having your product emulated or ‘regurgitated’ as one of my design tech teachers used to say, challenges companies to think outside the box and come up with new stuff…

The Dyson vacuum has been out for years now and look at how other companies still try and fail to copy it.

The same with their bladeless fans, eBay is flooded with dodgy looking copies of it for £30

I guess it means that Anker is doing it right… when others want to copy them. But it also sucks that they are doing so too.

You know what they don’t copy, Anker’s customer service


Let the church say, AMEN!

I think that when other brands copy your design and technology is because your brand really means for them a competition in the technology sector, I think the Anker brand is climbing high.