#AudioEsacape on Soundcore

So more info about the new Soundcore website. After an announcement about the hashtag, the new Soundcore websites have been updated with a tab of “#AudioEscape.”

This is not limited to US from what I can understand. Here are the direct links for UK, CA, and DE websites but some of them are weirdly created so tabs look horrible which should be updated soon. Anyway, onto the information…

The screenshots above seem to say that we can get some amount off if we register our product. The term they use is “Loyalty Bonus.” List of discounts you can get based on product (same amount for CA, UK, and DE but in CAD, Pounds, Euro instead of USD):

  1. Liberty 2 Pro - $50 loyalty bonus
  2. Liberty Air/LA2/Liberty 2 - $40 loyalty bonus
  3. Zolo Liberty/Zolo Liberty+ - $40 loyalty bonus
  4. Spirit Series/Life Series - $30 loyalty bonus
  5. Other headphones - $30 loyalty bonus

Now I don’t know what is qualified under other headphones.

When you want to get the loyalty bonus, you will be asked to select one of the options from above. Next, you’ll need to enter email address and S/N of your product. And finally this is what you’ll see.


I’m assuming you can’t combine bonuses when ordering the new earbuds they plan on releasing (unconfirmed but my guess from the photo behind “THE ESCAPE IS COMING”) but still worth registering your products in case you can.

Finally, the #AudioEscape Room Event will run from December 14th to 20th and will be Community Exclusive Event

One More Thing (see what I did there? :joy:)
There are 2 more events exclusive to the community but are undated: 1. Christmas Celebrations and New Years’ Resolutions, and 2. 10 Day Countdown Begins! We’ll just have to see what they will be and when they will start. Let’s hope we have a good time here and enjoy the holidays!


I’m excited. No idea what for, but my email was entered for updates haha.


We have no idea what to expect either lol. But it is at 3am EST on Monday sadly as @Duane_Lester pointed it out to me on Soundcore community


Would have to be something special to be on soooo early in the am…


It’s 12 am PST so sad news for us on east coast :joy:

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2 am for me here

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Nice! Unfortunately I threw out most of my Soundcore/Anker boxes several months ago to make room in the closet.

I’ll have to keep the site in mind when I buy another pair.

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You should have the S/N number on your earbuds/headphones themselves

I’ll have to look for them. I’ve never looked for them on the TWS earbuds. On the Wired Wireless earbuds they were attached by a paper sticky tag.

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Depending on which one you have, they should be on the lid

Dang 3am for me and I have a final that day so not even like I could convince yourself to stay up for the start

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Oof yea exams are more important lol. I’m still debating if I can stay up that late

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But then again I also have the mentality of if it’s meant to happen it will. Like by chance I happened to enter my hashtag guesses right before going to bed even though I had originally thought I would do it the next day and things worked out. So if it’s meant to be then it will work out without me having to stay uo till 3am.

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True that. I’m sure we’ll have more info about this in that podcast on Sunday so shouldn’t be first come first serve kind of thing anyway. But good luck on your finals!

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I escaped!


Nice I haven’t started yet but am listening to podcast in case they have more info about it in there. I like to know what I’m getting into before diving in :joy:


There wasn’t any major news in the podcast besides…

Headphones that will have audio similar to the L2P

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