Audio wishlist Products I'm still waiting on

One of my most used Anker sound speakers is still the Nano, it’s small size and good voice quality makes me often still use when traveling, pairing with a small tablet’s feeble speakers.

The two products I am still wanting to exist:

  • The Nano type but with the stereo features like came with the latest mono speakers, where you pair both them and they move from combined mono into left/right channel.

  • A “soundbar” which is much smaller in diameter but thin which has a couple of small hooks so I can hook it over top of a laptop or place at the base on the screen on a laptop or in front.

I have the Mini, Mini2 but still prefer the Nano…


There are versions which you seek, but not Anker.

I know Anker stuff is fantastic, and when on a deal, pretty good value. However, they can’t make everything!

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Totally agree!