Audio stops for a sec Soundcore Spirit

I have a brand new pair of soundcore spirit model A3403 earphones. When I’m listening to music the audio stops for a bit less than a second every 30s/1 m or so.

I have it paired to a Samsung Galaxy S8+

Are they fully charged?

Do a reset as your first attempt to fix.

Delete phone pairing,
turn buds off,
fully charge buds, once charged then:
turn phone bluetooth off,
turn phone off,
turn phone on,
turn phone bluetooth on,
turn buds on,
pair buds with phone.

Let us know if that fixes it. This clears the phone’s history of connections including last used A2DP version.

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I have this same issue on these earbuds and few other older buds in my collection I still and my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Its mostly using Spotify or Samsung Music Apps. What music app is this happening on?

I find this is an issue with older Samsung Phones. Mostly with the 8 Series and Spotify. I don’t have this issue with podcast and audiobook apps.

So What I do and it normally stops for at least a while (I think the last time this happened on one of my newer set of buds was almost a year ago). I close all open apps, do a force stop on Spotify and try again. If that doesn’t happen. Restart the phone. If I still have issues. Do the above again and do a force stop and clear cache.

On a rare occasions I may have to do what @professor says. sometimes.

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I don’t have the Spirit but been a fan and still owner of two Slim buds. When slim has issues a phone reboot fixes it.

I did dig deep into the reasons why and its basically because the technology between my phone, my buds and my smartwatch and my latest headphones are so many versions apart the phone can’t cope. Phone reboot fixes it simplest. But a new user usually needs to a buds re-pair too. So I suggested both for this situation.

The next gen of bluetooth 5.2 is going to cause some problems to get worse, particularly with multipoint.

My 7 year old laptop stutter and pause with my 1 year old LA2, but work with the older Neo. Reason why… versions of profiles.

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Nice. I figured it was something like that. Old tech is getting confused with new tech. Eventually these older buds won’t be useable.

I still have 2 sets of Slims and 2 pairs of spirits. I don’t use that much. I keep them in my desk for those times I’d rather damage/loose these older buds than my newer stuff.


Hello guys and thank you all for helping out.

I didn’t see your posts until I had already done a few things that the Professor mentioned.

All I had to do was to unpair, turn the buds off and back on and paired. Did not have to restart my phone.

Just to be clear they were fully charged. I used them all they until they got to 10% charge and they automatically disconnected from my phone.

I think I got a good 6.75 hours of use with a full charge.

I normally use them on my bicycle rides which could be from 22 miles to 70 miles on any given day.

Thank you all again for your tips and input.

Be safe!

Thanks for giving us the fix in this case you just deleted pairing, turn buds off/on and paired.

In general it is a good for a phone to be rebooted periodically and to clear the phone cache periodically, it clears up creeping unreliability. Apps and OS get updates and sometimes the update isn’t perfect and old versions are left behind. Not needed in this case at this time but a generally good housekeeping routine.

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Yes that was the solution this time.

Today after charging them last night. I turned them on and connected to two cell phones with no problems.

I am able to switch phones without having to disconnect from the other.

Thanks again Professor.

Of course I know thats the reason.

So I use old tech with old tech only. :rofl:

But that’s what companies want.
Buy new stuff and get rid of the old one.
Not me!
As long the old stuff works and I can use, reset and repair I keep.

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I tried that with an old ipad 2. It barely loads spotify and itunes now

I plan to keep my gold old reliable tech for as long as I can

I see that a lot with different item a lot. Dad had a weed eater that was like 10 yrs old and bought another as that one was starting to have issues. Ended up the new one broke down during the first year of cutting.

I also had a coworker who took a tour of an auto facility. While there he heard cheering and asked and the tour guy said that the vehicle hit a certain simulated mileage and stopped due to issues.

And this could not be repaired?
There is really a lot we can do.
I got problems with an electric saw.
I checked the “coals”.
One was to short to connect perfeclty.
Ordered new ones.
All is fine.
I really dont want to know how many things are trashed
which could have been repaired with some skills

There are so many instructions to be found how to do,
And almost all of us have skills to tinker! :grinning: