Audio fade in on Soundcore Motion+

I just purchased the Anker Soundcore Motion+ and one thing I noticed is that the audio always fades in on first listen. The next song in a playlist plays normally. But after a while of not playing any audio, playing another song or a video still results in audio fading in.

I realised the iPhone app has very limited features and you can’t tweak this setting. I connected the speaker via bluetooth to my phone and PC and audio fade in occurs in both. Anyone know how to fix this?

That’s a weird issue, have you tried a reset?

I have the same problem with my motion+. If you pause the song/video it will fade in again when you hit play. Did you manage to fix it?

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I haven’t. How do I reset the device?

Try a quick search on this site

Try a quick search on this site

I am having this same issue. This is not a trivial problem. I haven’t found a way to disable this. I hope this can get fixed via firmware update or something, because it’s not really acceptable to lose a couple seconds of audio any time the audio gets paused/resumed or switches streams. I pause and resume an audio source on my phone or computer a lot and I am constantly having content inaudible because of this fade-in problem on the speaker. And watching Youtube videos with ads, since the video and the ad are different audio streams, when the ad finishes and it goes back to the video, this fade-in problem on the speaker means the first couple seconds after resuming are dropped, every time.