Audio delay with HDMI on Mars II

Hi everyone,

I bought a Nebula Mars II projector a couple of weeks ago.

I realized after a few days of usage that there is a delay between the video and the audio whenever I connect a device through the HDMI port.

I used an Amazon Fire TV Stick and there was a small delay on every video I played, whether it was Netflix, HBO or Prime Video. Only a fraction of a second, but still really annoying… I also connected my MacBook Air and noticed a significant delay (1 or 2 seconds).

I am trying to figure out whether my projector is dysfunctional, in which case I should exchange it, or if it’s a common issue that other users have experienced, in which case I should probably aim for a return.

I also realized that the screen mirroring feature was working very poorly. I’ve managed to sync a MacBook Air and an iPad, but playing a video is impossible (lags and audio

I have exchanged several emails with Anker and called their customer service. They have been super friendly and willing to help, but they weren’t really able to tell me if the issue came from my device or if it is something else.

That’s why I was wondering if others could share similar experiences and, for those who fixed them, how they did it.

Thanks for your help!

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I am having the same audio delay with the fire tv stick. Did you figure out a solution?

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Have you tried enabling the HDMI CEC device control on the fire stick?

^Display and sound
^HDMI CEC Device control

@Adam_Tilley I didn’t realize this thread was from back in August but hopefully the tip helps you.

It is already enabled. I tried it with this function turned off; and so turned it off and then back on. Still does not solve the issue…