audifonos anker

tengo unos audifonos nb10. los usé unas 10 veces y ya no encienden. que me recomiendan?

I don’t know if anyone here speaks Spanish so I’ll just answer in English. But try using a different charging cable and charge for some time to see if your earbuds are out of battery. See if charging helps. If not, you can email Anker at

Tenho pedir esculpa nao falo Espanhol.
Sou Alemão e falo um porquinho Portugues
Talvez podes escrever em Inglês.

Mas nao entendo a tua pergunta.
Estes audiofones sao Q10?
Nao existe um modelo nb10.
E nao podes ligar?
Precisamos muito mais informação, faz favor.
Estes audiofones estao carregados totalmente?
Talvez podes usar um outro cabo-

Pretty sure this is what he/she means

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Doesn’t exist here. :smile:
We got those similar looking curves only.

but he should tell us a little, bit more about the issue?
Or should we use our magic crystal ball. :smiley:

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Yea that’s the reason I just started with the basics to see if we get more info out. We’ll just have to wait and see

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