Auctions for Lots of used, returned and faulty Anker Products

Hi guys, I am new here so… Sorry if this is not the right place to ask that…

There’s some sellers selling lots of used, returned and faulty Anker Products on Ebay, I just would like to know if anyone knows from where they are buying these lots.

Thank you


They could be buying those from refurb Amazon or just selling their faulty devices that they got when they purchased. Honestly couldn’t tell you :joy:. But if you buy from Ebay and want genuine Anker product, make sure it’s being sold and shipped by AnkerDirect


Be very careful about that sellers.
If its sold by “somebody” keep your hands from.
What I see those ANKER/soundcore devices are more expensive than at amazon.
(and there is NO warranty at all)


I’d rather pay a bit extra and know I have the warranty and a legit product than try to save a few bucks by buying a cheap and faulty product


Yup, because you never know why those people returned the products (didn’t want or there is an issue). There are different bidding sites ( to name one) that sells Amazon returns and other store returns. I wouldn’t say I have ever seen a lot of Anker stuff on that one specifically.