Astro E1

Hey everyone,

I finally got round to writing my thoughts on the Astro E1 after winning it on the PowerDraw a few month ago.

I recently moved house and this was honestly the saviour. On the move day I was contacting everyone to change the address over, talking to friends and so on and my phone was dead by 1:00pm. I then remembered I had this little thing in my car and my phone was charged quick time!

I still have the iPhone 7+ and this little power bank charged it up twice with juice left over.

Its also perfect to leave in a draw for when friends come round and they need a little charge instead of having an 8ft cable plugged into the wall.

At the minute you can pick this up for £13.99 which is just daft! You’re paying that for a cheap, crapped one from ebay never mind a top branded power house!

I wish I could have gotten referral buddy point because 3 of my friends have bought 1!!

All in all this is well worth every penny.
Astro E1 UK Amazon


Often the smallest things are the most useful.

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Nice short review!!

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Hey @samthompsonreviews
Great to hear its been beneficial to you mate.
Hope the house move was a smooth.

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Lovely little review. I’ve had mine for 5 years now and it’s still going strong.


Anker to the rescue once again :+1:

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Nice review! Thanks for sharing! :+1::hugs:

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Nice terse review.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


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Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

I’ve just read through my review again and I think I’ll buy another Astro E1. I should get back into reviewing my purchases :smiley:

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