Astro E1 5200mAh - Review

Hi everyone, here is the review of the beautiful and powerful Anker Astro E1 5200mAh.

I would like to point out that the original review is in Italian and you can find it here:

The review here is an abbreviated english version and translated with google translate so get angry with it (not with me :joy:) for any grammatical mistakes :innocent:

:package: PACKAGE :package:
The product comes in a rigid cardboard box (10.5 x 4.5 x 4.5cm) that is really well made, as the same as the iPhone of the same size as the Power Bank. This package is wrapped in a transparent plastic envelope. While on the front of the box, we find the manufacturer’s trademark, in addition to the unique code of the product, the Power Bank’s capability, brief hints of interference and contacts (US phone and mail numbers) for customer service.

:mag_right: WHAT’S INSIDE :mag:
Inside the box we find: the Astro E1 Power Bank wrapped in a very thin matt white plastic bag, below is a box with the “Accessories” label containing the Anker micro USB branded wiring harness wrapped in a practical bag a “welcome guide” (included in English) containing PowerBank instructions and technical specifications, and finally the classic note that I personally appreciate Anker’s “happy” or “not happy” personally with the procedure from follow in case one is dissatisfied with the purchase or has received a defective product. This note is a testament to Anker’s commitment and care to his customers, with an extraordinary after sales service that I have personally experienced many times in the past.

:clipboard: OBSERVATIONS :clipboard:
I begin by saying that this is the second Power Bank I buy. I was very tempted to buy the big brother by 20,000 mAh but then I reviewed my priorities (charging the phone on a ski day) so I opted for this magnificent 5200 mAh Power Bank Astro E1 of which actual ones are about 3600. In fact, this precious portable battery allows you to recharge at least once (with full charge 0% - 100%) any smartphone on the market.
It immediately goes to the eye that this Power Bank Astro E1 brand Anker does not heat up (or rather warms much but very little) neither when it is recharged nor when used to recharge another device. This factor is not to be overlooked since heat and Lithium-ion batteries do not agree.
The management of the bright LEDs is good, only the last one (indicating a charge from 0% up to 25%) is not very reliable. With this I mean the last blue light does not last as much as the previous three. The blue LED lights are very visible and big, even more than the older brother the PowerCore 10mila mAh with which I will later compare it.
With this product, in addition to iphone 6 recharged with 5V 1A, I had to charge the GoPro Hero 5 Black 5V 2A, iPad Air 5V 2A, 2.4A, Beats Studio 5V 2A headphones as you can see from the photos. All of these devices have been recharged with a standard timer (until the Power Bank battery has run out only when charging the iPad) when charging them with the wall socket. This data demonstrates that Anker Power IQ technology truly identifies and recognizes the device that is charging by providing it with the right power intensity. So this Astro E1 Power Bank has a 5V output and up to 2A so it can recharge all the electronic devices that have a charging input of up to 2A. This is also important since we all know how dangerous it is to power a battery inside an electronic device (often and willingly also expensive) with a different amperage than the one indicated; this is not a banal advertisement but an Anker patented technology that, in my tests, works very well and fully met expectations. In fact, the Power IQ technology in addition to identifying the connected device optimizes its charging rate by providing it as fast and safe as possible. Here are the same performance as the common wall charger.
In addition to the Power IQ technology, the Power Bank Astro E1 has short circuit protection, excellent temperature control both when charging and when charging something, overload protection in input and output, stabilizer and limiter
current output, overload energy recovery, battery cell protection, a convenient mode of self-extinguishing (both when charging and when charging something, once the charging is completed, the LEDs go out) and finally protection against low voltage.
If you really need to find a slap, please do 1A Power Bank recharge. In fact, if the 10mila mAh Power Core could be recharged with a 5V 2A adapter, the Astro E1 needs a 5V 1A charger, such as the iPhone. However, it should be said that the charging times are very fast (from 3 to 4 hours and a half) and perhaps for this reason the Anker manufacturers have weighed that a 5V 1A input is already good for its small battery size which offers the Astro E1 5200 mAh.

:memo: JUDGMENT :memo:
Why did I prefer this Power Bank to others? Simply for the best ratio / weight / size ratio of everyone (paid € 14.99). One Power Bank can not choose just based on its charging capacity, that’s just the starting point. In my case I needed an external battery that would allow me to charge my iPhone and maybe even goPro over a day. Certainly a 10-20,000 mAh Power Bank is tempting, it has a capacity of up to a week with medium / intensive use. But as I said before, the amount of mAh is not all. I’m a bit like the megapixels of the camera, the taller and the better? But not only, it also counts the management of other parameters and settings that make a perfect photo. In the case of the Power Bank, other parameters and settings are its weight, size, and quantity of IN and OUT outputs. This Anker 5200 mAh Astro E1 Power Bank is one of the smallest on the market, with the same charging capacity.
The bag in the package is very comfortable and returns useful in many situations. The quality of the fabric initially left me some doubt, but after several months of use (especially outdoor) it never showed tears, cuts or anything else; It is also very soft and also quite often to protect the Power Bank from discernible bumps.
This Astro E1 Power Bank has only one USB output and a micro USB type input for charging. The latest devices also feature 4 USB outputs and two inputs to recharge the Power Bank. This for many may be a rather important limitation, but it always comes back for the same talk of small size and weight … what would 2 USB outputs on a Power Bank with actual capacity of about 3600 mAh effective? By this I mean that this Power Bank allows you to recharge at least one cell phone on the market at least once. So having 2 USB outputs would serve no more than weighing and zooming in on this little gem of the technology studied and designed specifically to be pocket-sized and small.
Compare Astro E1 5200 with PowerCore 10000mAh. Let’s start from the most important thing, the size. The Astro E1 is as high as the PowerCore (a few millimeters more) while it is as wide as half of its older brother. Indeed, the half-life rescues compared to the PowerCore 10000 justify charging capacity, which is also halved. Specifically, the size of Astro E1 is 9.5 x 4 x 2 cm (height x width x thickness), while those of the PowerCore 10000 are 9 x 6.5 x 2 cm always height x width x thickness. Beyond the numbers I recommend to see the photos at the end of the review to get an idea of ​​the actual size. Externally and aesthetically the Astro E1 is much more beautiful: it has slightly better finishes and has a metallic shiny black color that is very beautiful and pleasantly cool to the touch; I’m sure it will help to disperse the little heat that the batteries generate while recharging or recharging something. Then in general Astro E1 has so many small details or enhancements that overall, excluding charging capacity, make it more beautiful than PowerCore; just to make some examples the very important backslashes are well visible, the 4 blue leds are larger and better designed, the side button presses better and is longer and wider, the Anker logo is well visible and breaks a bit with the body black.
When will I use this Power Bank? Mainly during my intense ski days, to recharge my mobile phone which even after half a day already leaves me because of the absence of signal and GPS permanently active for tracking. In addition to the iPhone, I often use it to charge my GoPro since it can, thanks to its small size, go into the pocket of the snow jacket, although at least mine is always strapped with objects and chocolates. In addition to this exceptional use, the Power Bank Astro E1 is great for carrying a bag, backpack, jeans pocket to allow our devices to be charged even during daily routines, at the office, at school, to the sea while doing sports, in short anyplace.
Last consideration, the possible audience of this fantastic product. Astro E1 does not have a targeted audience because nowadays we all need to have at least one Power Bank to recharge the technology devices that are increasingly demanding in terms of battery and performance.

:checkered_flag: VOTE :checkered_flag:
Excellent construction quality, good speed to recharge and recharge. Lowest size. Excellent product, as well as fantastic after sales service from Anker. Great bag for carrying the Power Bank. Five star deserved :star::star::star::star::star:

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Fans of my Beats charger I can say that I couldn’t use it because Astro E1 has a 5V 1A input :joy:


Great pictures man. It is always good to compare side by side the product with another one.

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Absolutely true!

Great review and comparisons, won this on the PowerDraw and it comes in handy for powering a portable photo studio I’m messing with.

Agree that a comparison photo with another model always helps :smile:

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Anker power banks have thousand of possible uses :grin:

Great review !
I also have the same portable charger, it really is very good!


Thanks for the compliments :smile:
The strength of this power bank is portability :school_satchel:

Great review. I think I definitely need to get the baby of the set :relaxed:

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Great review! :thumbsup: This is also one of my favorite power banks!

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@Oggyboy @TechnicallyWell Thanks! :beers:

Nicely done. My only gripe is how shiny it is and it seems it would be really slippery if your hands were wet.

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Great review. I would never realize the E1 was so shiny without your pictures. I’m more of a matte person, but I can’t argue with the portability and the power of the E1.

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I don’t know with wet hands, but with dry hands the grip is far better on Astro E1.

So with it being shiny it’s not a problem when it comes to grip? Just seems slippery to me that’s all but I guess until I have one in hand I couldn’t tell

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@tiagomota Astro E1 is very shiny, harder and in my opinion the design is even nicer than the Power Core 10000

@elmo41683 I have Astro E1 in my hands right now E1 and I tell you that this shiny body guarantees a better grip.
I noticed the “soap effect” with the Power Core 10000 mAh always talking about dry hands, with wet hands I have never tried. In fact with the Power Core 10000 I always kept it in the little black bag even when I used it, a habit I keep also with astro E1.

This is good to know, I’ll see about adding it to the list of things I may get.

And I too keep my powercore II in the case at all times, I think I only took it out once to show my wife and son when I first got it

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Awesome review @JohnWatson. Love all the pics and comparison. I have the Astro E1 6700mAh and I love it. I mainly use it to charge my GoPro Hero5 Black and iPhone 6s when I’m out and about. Gotta love the size and portability. I agree with some of the others, it does collect fingerprints and is a bit slippery to grip sometimes. Perhaps their next version will have the textured feel of the PowerCore II (like the 10000mAh). But overall, this is one of my favorite daily carry.

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One hell of an in depth review. Not a bad looking product if I do say so myself.

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Thanks! @Nhi I think the Astro E1 design (5200) is nicer than the Power Core I 10000.
It is true that it collects fingerprints, but at least for me, it is not a problem at all.