Assistance: Anker Soundbuds + PS3 - voice problems

Hello everybody,
since I play Destiny on PS3 I feel the growing necessity to have a headset to talk with my team mates.

I’d like to use my Anker Sportbuds because I simply find them really comfortable [small; excellent sound; good battery] (and I don’t need to buy anything else :wink: ).

So, my problem is this: I can correctly pair them with my PlayStation 3, but it seems they are available only for sound output but not for sending voice. So I can listen to background music/sounds but I am not able to talk with people.

Do anybody else have the same problem? Somebody have a suggestion for me?

Thank you all

TL;DR: I use Anker soundbuds with Playstation3. Sound is ok but no voice. Suggestions?

hi … im having the same problem but i can’t hear the sound … did u manage to solve the problem ?