Are you ready for Christmas?

I’m sure this will sound stereotypical but I think women in general are always more prepared for Christmas than men. I for one have been guilty of rushing around shops on Christmas Eve to buy the final presents.

So I’m just off phone with a friend who took great pleasure in telling me how she’s finished getting everyone’s gifts today and that she’s relived as her sister and a few of work colleagues have been sorted for weeks now.

I have started - I’ve bought gifts for 2 others and several for myself :joy: and I plan to finish at some stage before Christmas Eve. Anyone else finished? Not started? Getting there slowly?

Also … when is right time to put up decorations?


The day after Thanksgiving, or today as you would have it is the best time for decorations. And no shopping no matter whether female or male is ever done until you say it’s done. There will always be that one person you want to get something for that you didn’t think about or added later

While it is dangerous to be stereotyping, in general there is a gender specific brain difference which explains

Women, in general, are more social so more thinking about gifts for people, and can do more things concurrently, while men, in general, are more about singular problem solving, so a man will in general not get around to Xmas presents til the day before.


Not ready yet.

Still recovering from Thanksgiving. Give it at least another week.

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Just brought the first two present today when I got off work. 1 for my son and 1 for my wife, now I still have many more to go bit no money. Gotta wait until rent is paid to see what I have and can afford to spend

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