Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2017?

If you’re always searching for the latest in deals and savings, you may have heard of Amazon Prime Day. It’s like the Internet’s Black Friday, when Amazon gets filled to the brim with incredible discounts.

Prime Day is coming up very soon, to make sure to keep an eye on Anker communications for the latest. These enormous savings will be too good to miss.

What do you want for Prime Day? Have you had your eye on something special, but just waiting for a huge sale like Prime Day for your chance to pick it up? Let us know in the comments!


I like the idea of Amazon Prime Day, but it seems like every merchant under the sun tries to push their “deals” and the really good deals get buried in the shuffle. But I’m looking forward to the Anker deals!


When is it?
Everything Anker of course!
p.s. UK Store!


Definitely the soundcore boost


I’ve got my shopping list right here. It seems my kids likeAnker too. But they like the stuff I’ve already bought. Time to restock.

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It’s rumoured for the week commencing 10th July. In 2015 it was on the 15th July and last year 12th July, so somewhere in that band I would imagine.

Could be in the market for the SoundCore Pro / Boost for a family member and the living room TV could be due an upgrade shortly. All depends on the prices though :smiling_imp:


I am excited for it to finally get my hands on a 26800 mAh battery, may be @AnkerOfficial will release some cool new products a few days before


I won one in the Father’s day giveaway. It’s worth every penny. Far and away the best compact BT speaker I’ve ever used. It’s not just the bass either - the sound quality is outstanding.

On Prime day I’ll defintiely be looking for a UHD 50inch TV. I’ve got a 10-year old Aquos and it need replacing. I also have a bigger room than I did when I got that TV. Maybe I’ll even install a projector.

I’m also in the market for a 20,000 + mAh battery to plug into my new Anker 21w solar panel. It filled my 5,000 mAh in a couple of hours yesterday! I have sun today but no battery space! What a problem to have :grin:

I’m also looking for a USB-charging chromebook. I think I can get my phone, ipad, soundcore Boost, and laptop off the grid with this new solar panel, but I need a usb-charging chromebook. I’ll be sad to put away the 11 inch macbook air (the best laptop ever made, if you ask me), but it just doesn’t charge via usb. :sob:

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@ryandhazen if you liked the 11 inch mac book air then should look towards the Mac book 12 inch. They are very similar in size and it has the ability to be charged with USB-C. Its not so bad having dongles because then you could have more ports then the computer would have had with them for example micro sd, VGA, HDMI 4k and ethernet. Chrome books are okay, I had one and it only lasted a year, don’t expect to use base features like microsoft word unless Microsoft 365 is used, you don’t get full features. Also you will need external storage for it and will not be able to use protection/security if it relies on Windows/Mac because it does not have the Ram, storage or OS to support it.

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I’ll take Anker. Oh wait, you asked what didn’t you? Awwww, I’ll take Anker. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, I wouldn’t mind a speaker. And of course, battery banks… not that I don’t have any but the more power the better right? Or at least in a blackout. :wink: Oh wait!!! I want a desktop USB charger. Yeah, that’s it. :slight_smile: But of course, I’m sure Anker will hypnotize me into wanting something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I completely forgot until I saw this thread. I was going to buy one of the Prime subsidized phones for my parents but I’ll wait on it until Prime Day because I’m sure they will see some discount or bundling. Thanks for this thread lol!


Soundcore Pro or Soundcore boost… Probably Boost.
More LED bulbs for home.
Solar panels.

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The Anker 21W outputs about 10A in strong sunshine so a 5Ah battery should easily charge in (due to trickle charge 85%-100% it is not linear) within 2 hours.

One of the challenges you will have with a >=20Ah is the max output per port of the 21W is 2A so if you did get particularly good sunshine you’d be discarding the possible excess energy, hence either go with the Powercore II 20000 which is 2x2A input or the Powercore 26800 with 2x2A input, or just add another Powercore (almost anything) given the 21W panel is dual output.

If you are reliant on the energy then I always recommend two shared-nothing power sources so say two Powercore 10000 each taking 2A input.

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Yeah, I have taken a good hard look at it, and I’m not sure I’m willing to play Apple’s game anymore. My current Macbook Air 11 has a higher base processing frequency (1.4 GHz) than the 12 (1.2 or 1.3 GHz). For a system starting at $1,299 (plus several dongles at $30-$80 apiece), and I’d rather upgrade or replace my desktop. Considering I don’t edit video or photos on the laptop (I save that for the desktop, and even when I need a quick photo edit on the go I just use pixlr), I’m not sure I even need a full featured system. Most of what I do is web-based these days anyway, so what I really need is just a portal to the web. The smaller and less expensive the better. I could buy at least three turbocharged chromebooks for the price of one macbook 12. Then a few bluetooth speakers and power banks for the price of all those dongles.:grin:

I’ve also ditched pretty much every piece of software possible in favor of Google Docs. The only exception is Keynote - Keynote presentations are sexier than any other platform. It’s hard to give up MagicMove for sure, but I’m getting used to presenting from google Slides. They have a pretty sweet Q&A feature that lets people interact with you in real time. It’s also real easy to publish and collaborate from there.

This is in stark contrast to Apple’s cloud system, which gets more frustrating and convoluted every day. Add that to the myopic design sense Apple is suffering from right now, their obsession with DRM, and their absurd pricing model and it’s enough to make even the most dedicated Mac fan consider jumping ship.

You are right, though - If I were recommending to someone a primary system, I would not recommend a chromebook. This is definitely a secondary device for me. The lack of storage and limited software availability are huge concerns for anyone that wants to use a chromebook for primary purposes (unless your primary purposes are email and facebook I guess).

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I’ll be keeping my eyes out for the PowerCore+ 20100 USB C or the 26800 Power Delivery model.

I need a power bank so baddddd, sale pleaseeeee!

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Seems like the date is 07/11/2017 for this year.

free slurp day at 7/11 too?!?

what a day 7/11 will be then :open_mouth:

As @hunho.lee10 mentioned, Prime Day has been confirmed for July 11, but some deals will start at 6:00pm PT on July 10 this year.

Over the next few weeks and on Amazon’s Prime Day, we will team up with Eufy and Roav to offer some huge discounts on some of our best-selling products. Are you excited to hear the news!:smile: