Are you into any other things (Apart from Anker)

We all love Anker yeah but is there anything else you love?

At the start of this year and the introduction of the new £1 coin. Britain (well some of us) went a bit crazy collecting all the different types of £1 coins that had been produced over the last 23 years. “The Great British Coin Hunt” it was labelled. It also included collecting all the 50p’s and £2 coins that were produced too.

Since completing the the coin hunt I have started collecting Silver Proof coins now and these can become very collectible depending on mintage figures and design.

Anyway. It’s something I’m started to get into and just wondered what things you guys get up to outside of the Anker family.

New £1 coin

Old £1 coins

Beatrix Potter 2016 collection. The Peter Rabbit Coin here was sold for £55 and now sells for over £900


Think there’s a bit of a collector in all of us. Outside of building my Anker collection I mainly stick to film props and memorabilia and swords (yes samurai swords), which like coins can be a nice little piggy bank for a rainy day…


As I mentioned in a few previous post I love knives and fladhlights. I have over 30 flashlights and probably 75 or more knives, I lost count after 50. Although my EDC is a knife that would get most arrested because it’s an automatic knife.


Do you own any light/knife combos?

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lol :smile: My puny flashlight collection pales in comparison. I have a Rofis R1 coming next week :slight_smile:

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I dI’d have a utility knife with a built in flashlight, but it’s so small and uses button cell batteries. I have on only used it a few times, mostly to find the lock when I get home from work and I forgot to turn the outside lights on.

I mostly prefer to carry a separate knife and flashlight, this way I can choose the brightness level I will need.

Just pulling your chain buddy. Sarcasm is lost online. About to duct tape a sword to a mag light. Standby for pics.

Check you pair out @ndalby & @elmo41683 show is your weapon :see_no_evil:

@Oggyboy Here’s the flashlight I recently brought, it cost only 3 dollars because the batteries busted inside the package, It’s normally 35 dollars from Coleman. It also comes with a red and blue light filter.
And this is my EDC my Meyerco 18-XRay


I am an extreme gearhead and specialize in Porsche, Ferrari, and Mclaren.


I don’t tend to collect things to be honest. But I enjoy photography, I’ve normally always got a camera with me.
I love being out on my motorcycles. I get made up as a zombie and scare the crap out of people (as part of Zombie events) and I also play airsoft. Which for those that do not know is a bunch of folk (98% men) running around a building/scrub land/wood with BB guns shooting at each other. It much more fun than it sounds and beats going to the gym for a workout any day :smiley:


I love airsoft, by me we have an indoor, multilevel, cqb layout that looks like a village in the Middle East. It gets crazy though since it’s so tight. What’s your preferred camo/color? I use either multi cam or black.


My local site is a nice mix of scrubland and cqb. I’ve only been playing for 6 months or so but loving the different playing styles!

I don’t go for the whole camo/arm look-a-like thing. I’m pretty casual, I play in a t shirt (hoodie for cqb!) and walking trousers usually with a belt and leg rig.

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Here it gets competitive, I mean super competitive. For example you can’t use hi cap or mid cap magazines, they have to be low cap (50-120)B.B. I don’t go so often that I am on a “pro” team, though I have some gear that will turn heads if worn in public (plate carrier, air soft gun with no orange tip, ‘bout 12 at-15 mags). It gets super fun when you destroy a team or use tactics!

A recommendation though, avoid spring guns at all cost, and if you can save funds invest in a polar star! They are ridiculous!

Yea there are some teams like that over here to. They mostly do milsim stuff. Too serious for me!
I play for a laugh :slight_smile: Hi caps all round!
We are not normally allowed to walk around with our guns in public as the UK doesn’t require the orange tips.

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Milsim gets insane here, if you walk around without an orange tip in New York a cop will have no problem arresting you. You should try milsim, it’s really cool and you meet awesome people!

lol I would do that with airsoft guns

Nice collection! I kinda think of myself as a collector as well, a Pokémon collector that is!!


@Oggyboy since you said love other than Anker, I’lol have to say family. Oh and since I am a male homosapian, I would love to find another homosapian that is female cause I don’t have a GF​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: