Are you a DIY'er or not?

Well with the weekend almost here, us UK members have the luxury (used loosely) of it being a bank holiday which can translate usually to one of three things;

A long weekend (or day trip) to one of our local coastlines, unless your lucky to already be there :wink:

A weekend chilling out with family and friends, often with a pub within sight :blush:

Or the third, which can chill the marrow of some peoples bones, the dreaded DIY jobs that are put off while working :anguished:

So here the question for you tech mad community members, are you a budding DIY maestro, do you never give it a thought or are you somewhere in between, getting the other half to complete? :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to chime in…

  • Give me a hammer & nail, job done :smile:
  • Ain’t that what the handyman ad’s are for in the paper / directory :thinking:
  • Nope, that’s the other half’s job :thumbsup:
  • What’s a hammer? :blush:
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I always love giving things a try. Especially if it beats paying someone else to do something!
Although to be honest, my wife usually has a go at things first before I can even try!

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I don’t mind a bit of DIY when I get my head in the right zone but I try all methods to get out of it. So this weekend I’m working again lol

2 long days in sunny Swansea looking after all the people going here. I’m working on my excuse for Monday :yum:


Good luck looking after all that lot! There will be a lot of VERY drunk, VERY sunburnt people in Swansea this weekend.

I’d rather be locked inside doing DIY all weekend…

Oh wait, I will be - Ikea and all new bedroom furniture for my daughter!

Still preferable than going to that in Swansea.

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I can’t believe your timing I was just putting together a similar topic earlier today but you beat me to the punch :sweat_smile: I DIY everything from Auto repair to refurbishing and repurposing old electronics to tinkering with small projects to keep myself busy. I’ll post some of my diy projects in the morning.

I worked for many years as a maintenance man for several companies. Then I done my back in, and moved to office type work.

For 5 years, I worked for a hostel in Wales, turning an old hotel into a useable hostel, installing more bathroom facilities, dividing larger rooms, obligatory shelving!

I used to love it, until the ex. Everything I did was critised, so I stopped doing anything.

Now in a lot worse health, I’d love to be more active, but oh well!

I do tho, use my vast knowledge to help others doing DIY projects, esp on Facebook.


I’m in the same boat, you gotta do what you can to stay moving even if it’s just walking around your place or even working out in a chair. Be well I hope to see you here for many many years to come.

So do I! lol
I don’t intend going anywhere.

I keep moving, sometimes more than I should, n then I pay for it in extra pain for a few days. lol

I know I should pace myself, but sometimes it’s easier n quicker to, just do it, than to keep stopping n resting.

I do all my own work, from auto repair to full on construction jobs such as building things and I love demo work even more… nothing like running through a wall to watch it crumble behind you, and the look on people’s face when i do it. Most people like to use tools, I use my hands and body lol.

I will be working come Monday as working overnights I don’t get to afford the luxury of being off. I don’t mind as it is overtime for at least the 2 hours I am there before midnight, works for me. Gonna head to the lake this weekend so my son and wife can use their new kayak I got them, and I’ll just float around the lake in my lazy tube.


:thumbsup::thumbsup: Good poll idea.

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I’m actually off this bank holiday for a change! (I normally work them). Usually I’d do DIY, however I have family visiting so will be out enjoying the sun shine :smile_cat:


I’m pretty sure everything can be fixed with either a hammer and/or duct tape lol

I will give most jobs a rattle, when stuck will either use it for a tea break to mull over my ideas or watch a YouTube video on how to fix my mistake :tongue:

Bank holiday + Sunshine = Bike run :+1:t2::raised_hands:t2::relaxed:


Interesting post for a tech forum. Sounds great to have some time off, I would usually play video games or get some chores done around the house that I have been too busy of doing because of work.

What games do you play?

Having such a wife is really enviable!:smile:

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In the UK, I remember there are many open-air concerts during the summer time.:grin:

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We are looking forward to see your DIY work!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can open a Youtube channel on teaching people how to DIY.:smile:

Oh god, NO! lol

Not with my very thick (UK) West country accent, plus I do tend when speaking, to swear a lot (like far too much really, but it just comes out!)

I do offer advice to friends (or even strangers in groups in a part of) if they ask or mention a project.