Are there any dash charge capable power bank?

As title.
Is there some power bank capable of 5V/4A and compatible with dash charge from OnePlus?
Same things is valid even for oppo with its Vooc charge.

Anker please give us a dash charge power bank

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Hello @Davide_Perini,
there is one powerbank from One Plus but its not available and only rated with 5V 2A (10 watt) dashcharge is about 5V 4A (20 watts) so if you use a Anker powerbank with 5V 2.4 you can charge your device with up to 12 watts. Your phone should be charged with at least 10 watts so be charged at half speed.
The Oppo and OnePlus support could unfortunately give me no information about how quickly the phone can be charged with a non-original charger. The OnePlus support directed me search online. I hope this helps you.

As @pauldey mentioned the oneplus charges at 20w, the best you can get is 18w using any baterypack Anker makes that has Power IQ 2.0.

The question is does the phone support more than 5V input. That’s why I did not mention Power IQ 2.0

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Any one tell how is it for oppo f9 pro

Anker PowerCore 13000 mAh Power Bank