Are the EBL 18650 rechargeable batteries good?

Wondering if for 18650 rechargeable batteries EBL is a good brand to get. I won that LC40 LED flashlight in the $40 bundle for the Points Win Prizes contest & I’m looking into getting at least a 2 pack of those 18650 rechargeable batteries. Would love to be able to have rechargeables instead of regular AAA batteries.

I’ve been looking into them & so far I’m thinking of getting on Amazon the EBL 2-pack with a recharger, 2 of the 18650 batteries, & a small storage case for the batteries for $13 with free shipping. It seems just looking at the page for it like its a good brand with a reasonable price for this.

I have a pair of Eastshine 18650 Batteries that are pretty darn good and the company is like Anker in that they stand behind their products 100% if you are not satisfied or they do not perform to your satisfaction. I would give them a shot. They are a littler pricier but I use them in my LC40 and they are pretty darn good in terms of longevity and run time.


Thanks for the input! I’ll look into them. :slight_smile:

i use nitecore and eagletac batteries for different things such as flashlights and Arlo cams. Never had any problems. Not sure on EBL. No matter what brand you use, always buy cells labeled as PROTECTED. They auto disconnect in case of: Short circuit - Extreme temperature, Abnormally high current, Over-voltage - Over-charge, Over discharge etc. IE less likely to explode or catch fire

The nitecore D4 or D2 chargers are awesome and highly recommended as well (i have both)

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Thanks for the tip! I will definitely make sure to get protected batteries. :slight_smile: