Are PowerDraws extinct?

Have PowerDraws gone the way of the Dodo?
The description page makes them sound like a weekly occurrence, that doesn’t seem to be/have been the case. Either that description should be updated, or some excitement could be injected in the community :wink:.

How often will these drawings be?

Every Monday, we’ll reveal a 3-prize roster. Users will have until Friday to spend PowerBucks on entries for their drawing(s) of choice.

Not sure it needed a new thread


Seems the admins have been too busy lately to run any…hopefully they will come back again.

Apologies, did not mean to spam, just wanted to point out that the PowerDraw page descriptions (main and faqs) don’t seem to match the reality on the ground. Not sure if the other threads deal with that explicitly, but if anyone is actively maintaining the content of that page they could simply say “from time to time” or “once in a blue moon” instead of every Monday.

Power draw has been missing for a while then came back for like one week and then back to being MIA my guess is when Anker gets the chance it will come back but they probably have slightly more important things to deal with first

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I think it is just do to the number of giveaways recently. You have the 100 winner Eufy thing , 100 work fails and the other similar one and the projector giveaway.

I am not sure on the Eufy n Nebula contest affect on the power draws but I think the big contest affects the smaller ones.

I know if I see no giveaways to use giveaway tickets on soundcore for a few weeks , I know a larger giveaway usually happens soon after.

They are heavily focused on social media and not so much on community. I think it’s their strategic direction. The competitions are bias to as many accounts linked possible to get brand as wide as possible.

I think that will backfire as all that happens is those owners who bought based on social media who can’t solve their problems come here and with so few regular members and so many products, it will become just here as a venting location acting as negative advertising.

Powerdraw and Powerbucks were designed to increase average activity, the points system tuned to give prizes for modest engagement.


Yes I thought that the Powerdraws were meant to encourage depth of engagement. People that help the community on a continuous basis would get a little excitement thrown in the sea of “something doesn’t work” posts.
Social media outreach campaigns are focused on breadth only. If the outreach focus is only focused on breadth, the depth of engagement will erode. I would think that Anker could do a bit of both without breaking a sweat.

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Anker’s powerdraw