Are Moderators Including In the Giveaway?

Quick question, as I’m really curious. Are moderators eligible to participate in the giveaway?

Probably not. How many points do you have?

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I’d prefer not to say, as I don’t want to jeopardize my position. I think I may be in the top 10, but I don’t want to reveal any specific numbers, as I don’t want to start a “war” or anything. I want to do this for fun and invite other users to give their best :smiley:

If we all knew how many points each other had, it would no longer be fun, it would just be a fight to the top.

I can say that I have less than you for sure (based on the amount of Bucks you have).

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I completely understand, Good luck!

Same to you!

I am not sure. I also don’t think it is helpful to share points until like the last day.

I agree. I think it will ruin the fun if we share point values. I think on Thursday we can all spill it, so we can get an early idea before Monday of who won.

Cool! Sounds good!

I can’t see why they wouldn’t be.
They are not employed by Anker (as far as I am aware). They simply were asked to moderate a forum.

It would be great and fair if Anker could aggregate the points tally to include those countries who received the notification of the Power Station Grand Opening Giveaway 4 days after the competition had started.

Any thoughts?

In short, I have no idea if we qualify for the ‘Giveaway’, I can’t see why not as our posts / topics will also be reviewed if we made the cut and points deducted if Anker determined we have done something wrong (along with our moderator titles I would suspect).

Also for the record, I am not an Anker employee, I work in secondary education and this is just for fun / enlightenment on the side :laughing:

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How do I delete posts? I didn’t realize that my post was repetitive and somebody enlightened me about it.

Click the show more icon next to reply (the three dots), it will expand the menu so you can delete the post.

I can’t find the three dots. What should I do?